Basic Pitching Mechanics for Young Pitchers

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Develop The Perfect Throwing Motion: Baseball Throwing Tips

FREE Velocity Hacks Here - Subscribe to the channel here - In today's video, you'll discover how to develop the perfect throwing motion! Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training breaks down each phase of the throwing motion. If you've been searching for how to throw a baseball harder and more accurately, then this is your answer! Apply these baseball throwing tips and you'll be well on your way to success on the field. Facebook: Instagram:

How To "Load to Unload" Your Pitching Delivery for MAXIMUM POWER and PITCHING VELOCITY (It Works!!!)

Instantly Increase Pitching Velocity with The Velocity Extractor! Click Here for your Free Video: In this video we talk about how to load to unload the energy in your pitching delivery for maximum power and pitching velocity. The more and more I study pitching, pitching mechanics, and the pitching delivery, I notice that it has a lot to do with the loading and unloading of energy. When we pitch, we want to transfer our energy through our kinetic chain and we do that by loading energy, creating energy, and then unloading it through proper sequencing and timing. If we can do that efficiently and consistently then we will be able to increase pitching velocity in our delivery. So check out this video and learn some of the load to unload ideas I talk about. 9 Pitching Velocity Killers Leave a comment down below if you can think of any more spots where we load to unload in the pitching delivery or if you have any questions. Thanks!

Greatest Trick Plays in Baseball History

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Jan-Ove Waldner - Magic Shots (The Mozart)

Jan-Ove Waldner (老瓦, (Lǎo Wǎ)) is a former table tennis player from Sweden. He is considered as one of the greatest table tennis players of all time. Waldner is famous for his elegant and effortless style of playing table tennis. His serve and blocking are his strongest part of the game. Waldner won a gold medal at Olympic Games 1992 in Barcelona. Visit my website: **Donate with PayPal to help and support this channel, thank you** Jan-Ove Waldner Bio: Born: October 3, 1965 (age 52), Stockholm, Sweden Playing style: Shakehand grip Other names: 老瓦 (Lǎo Wǎ) Follow Me On Facebook and Google+ If you like a video subscribe to this channels, and watch many quality matches, thank you to this channels, they doing a wonderful job: M Tordas, ttlondon2012, ttcountenance, ttPoster, Janus, ttProvider Keywords: Waldner top8tt table tennis table tennis 2017 legend blocking jan ove waldner mozart

Why You Should Pivot vs Push Off the Rubber - Baseball Pitching Mechanics - DNA Sports: On The Field

Dave and Joey go through the importance of using the power of your lower half through a proper pivot versus pushing off, and how to avoid a heel landing. If you're looking for in-person coach or player instruction in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas, you can reach us through Twitter, Facebook, and email. We'd be more than happy to help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: DNA Sports is a Chicago-based consulting firm in which our specialists focus on the key components to teaching sports common to all great coaches and communicating correctly all the fundamental aspects of baseball. DNA Sports emphasizes that if athletes and coaches execute skills and communicates strategies clearly the by product will be positive results on the playing field. Following these formulas, DNA Sports want to help coaches expand their knowledge of all areas of coaching which will filter down to the players and improve significantly their individual skills and playing efficiently within a team setting.

This is a video I made for a class in college. I was a former pitcher for Oregon State and Lewis Clark State College. I know the video is very basic but I hope you can gain some knowledge from it.

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