Basic Pitching Mechanics for Young Pitchers

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Common Hitting Flaws & Drills

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MLB Weirdest Pitching Styles

How To "Load to Unload" Your Pitching Delivery for MAXIMUM POWER and PITCHING VELOCITY (It Works!!!)

Instantly Increase Pitching Velocity with The Velocity Extractor! Click Here for your Free Video: In this video we talk about how to load to unload the energy in your pitching delivery for maximum power and pitching velocity. The more and more I study pitching, pitching mechanics, and the pitching delivery, I notice that it has a lot to do with the loading and unloading of energy. When we pitch, we want to transfer our energy through our kinetic chain and we do that by loading energy, creating energy, and then unloading it through proper sequencing and timing. If we can do that efficiently and consistently then we will be able to increase pitching velocity in our delivery. So check out this video and learn some of the load to unload ideas I talk about. 9 Pitching Velocity Killers Leave a comment down below if you can think of any more spots where we load to unload in the pitching delivery or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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How to Throw a Curveball Pitching Video Learn how to throw a curveball with The Pitching Academy. Throw a curve with proper pitching mechanics and it won't hang or squirt on you. Get the proper movement on your curve using these pitching tips! Free velocity videos when you sign my email list

This is a video I made for a class in college. I was a former pitcher for Oregon State and Lewis Clark State College. I know the video is very basic but I hope you can gain some knowledge from it.

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