CCM FitLite FL90 Helmet Review

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CCM FitLite FL500 Helmet Review

Available at IW Hockey reviews the CCM FitLite FL500 Hockey Helmet. The CCM FitLite FL500 Helmet was built with D3O Smart Foam, I.Q.SHION baseliner and a patent-pending multi-layer foam construction to provide the most protection that CCM has ever offered in a helmet. This triple and quadruple layer liner offers a traditional, comfortable feel right out of the box since it contours very well around a player's head.

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IW Hockey reviews the CCM FitLite FL90 Hockey Helmet.
Available at

The CCM FitLite FL90 Helmet boasts elite-level protection, comfort and adjustability at an excellent price point. CCM took the successful I.Q.SHION liner from the top-of-the-line Tacks 710 helmet and added D3O smart foam temple pads with the new Hexagon Matrix foam, resulting in next-generation impact absorption and comfortability.

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