Sanda World Cup 2016 - Session 1 - Semi Finals. English Commentary

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Johnny Risco VS Buakaw on March 2018

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Judo Highlights - Judo For The World Paris 2018

Welcome to judo for the world, which comes to you from the French capital Paris. Once again this city plays host to one of the most exhilarating events on the world judo tour, the Paris Grand slam. This year the grass slopes of the legendary Accor Hotels arena are covered in snow as Paris shivers from a cold snap, but inside the temperature was just as hot as usual, with thousands of fans filling the stadium to the rafters in anticipation of top class Judo. We'll witness the emergence of some phenomenal young talent as they step up to the mark under the spotlights. We'll bring you a special feature exploring France's love affair with the sport of Judo.. Before returning to see if their current national heroes could raise the roof inside this iconic judo cauldron.

Tai Chi vs Boxing

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Sanda World Cup 2016 - Session 4 - Finals

8th Sanda World Cup Session 4 - Finals Xi’an, China

8th Sanda World Cup Session 1 - Semi Finals Xi’an, China
English Commentary

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