TT Fancam | Liam Pitchford - The Talent Of Table Tennis In England (The Best Backhand)

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Top Tennis Ball Boy/Girl Catches

Seven good catches by tennis ball boys (and one by a ball girl). Most involve Roger Federer.

Ma Lin - Penhold God (Immortal Skills)

Ma Lin (马琳, 馬琳 )is a retired Chinese table tennis player. He learned to play table tennis at the age of five and became a member of the provincial team in 1990. In 1994, he joined the Chinese national team. Part 2 is out: ***Ma Lin - Penhold God II (Signature Shots)*** **Donate with PayPal to help and support this channel, thank you** Ma Lin uses the penhold grip. An aggressive player, he is known for his converse unpredictable serves, heavy short push receives, fast footwork, and powerful third ball attacks. In addition to possessing a solid backhand block, Ma Lin also uses the reverse penhold backhand (RPB), an innovative stroke utilizing the underside of the blade which allows a penholder to produce topspin from both wings. The most dangerous weapon Ma Lin has in his arsenal, however, is his consistent forehand loop, which he often uses to end a point decisively. He is also considered as a master at serving and his serve is considered one of the best in the world earning the nickname "Ghost Service". It involves the ball bouncing back to the net instead of going straight out of the table. Because of this, Ma Lin has claimed the titles "Maestro Ma Lin," "Defense Killer," and "Table Tennis Olympic Champion." Ma Lin is currently using a Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Penhold as his blade. He uses DHS NEO Skyline 2 TG2 for his forehand and Butterfly Bryce Speed FX for his backhand. Born: February 19, 1980 (age 36), Shenyang, China Height: 1.73 m Weight: 77 kg 1999 Men's World Championship 2nd Place 2000 Men's World Cup champion 2002 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals Men's Singles Gold 2003 Men's World Cup champion 2004 Athens Olympic Games champion doubles (with Chen Qi) 2004 Men's World Cup champion 2005 Men's World Championship 2nd place 2006 Men's World Cup champion 2007 Men's World Championship 2nd place 2007 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals Men's Singles Gold 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Men's Singles champion and Men's Team champion. 2009 Men's World Championship 3rd place 2010 Men's Team World Championship, gold medal. Follow Me On Facebook and Google+ If you like a video subcribe to this channels, and watch many quality matches, thank you to this channels, they doing wonderful job, sorry if I forget someone: Watch tabletennis matches live at: *Sorry for text at the start of the video, I try to hide it with annotations, but that only works on desktop pc. I can't edit that without creating a new video. It is only about 10 seconds. My new videos doesn't have that, I know the rules now. Thank you!* THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! Keywords: ma lin maestro ma lin penhold penholder penhold god defense killer table tennis 2016 top8tt

Table Tennis - Chinese Footwork Part 1 - Forehand From Half Table

Forehand footwork technique explained by Wang Wen Jie, coach in the Swedish club Askims BTK. The footwork is demonstrated by players from the Yangpu Table Tennis School in Shanghai. The video was recorded at B75 Hirtshals' TT summer camp in Denmark in july 2011.

Timo Boll vs Liam Pitchford | ETTC 2018

2018 European Championships 18-23 Sep, Alicante, Spain All ETTU Table Tennis Matches Live & On Demand click here: Follow me on Facebook

Best of Pongfinity

These are some our favorite ping pong shots and trick shots from 2017. Enjoy and be sure to watch the 2018 version! SUBSCRIBE to Pongfinity ► Shop our new MERCH ► Hang out with us on social media: ► Facebook (@Pongfinity): ► Instagram (@Pongfinity): ► Snapchat: pongfinity Pongfinity is a Finnish table tennis trick shot team. We try to use a lot of creativity to come up with totally new kind of content. You might have seen some of our previous videos including the amazing table tennis trick shots -serie, challenge pongfinity series, extinguishing a candle with a ping pong shot, epic ping pong trick shots, table tennis trick serves, Top 10 table tennis trick shots, playing ping pong with a dog and Ping Pong Jenga. #pingpong #trickshots

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