Transformers studio series optimus prime review

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Transformers The Last Knight: Barricade vs Bumblebee Epic Rivalry - Stop-Motion

The Last Knight videos are coming! As many of you know, every time a Transformers movie comes out, I make a load of Stop-Motions. The 2007 car chase was unused footage I shot back in 2012, I never got to finish it so I figured, why not use it as an intro for this video? I had a blast filming this, It has been a longtime since I've done an epic Transformers fight in Stop-Motion animation! Please look forward for future videos, and support me by watching my latest videos and my other Transformers The Last Knight stop-motions! Cheers! Thanks to my pal Warren for voicing Barry!: What's next doe? -Transformers TLK: Final War -Homecoming: Spider-Man vs Iron Man -GOTG v.2 mini clip -Infinity Future PT.2

Transformers Interstellar | Escape From Earth Episode #5 - Cities In Dust

Escape From Earth is a series of news reels set in the universe of Transformers. Starting just before the events of Transformers Interstellar, Escape From Earth follows the Autobots as they desperately evacuate humanity from Earth. Jack Buttrum - Ratchet Samuel Jay Flatman - Bumblebee, Bonecrusher Chandler - Crosscut Starrlet Razor - Arcee Jellyfishtheactor61 - Barricade David Kaye - Intro

Transformers Studio Series Entire Wave 1 Collection Video

Transformers Studio Series Collection Video Similarly to when I would complete a wave of The Last Knight figures, I am going to be showcasing every figure from Wave One of the brand new Transformers Studio Series line INCLUDING the TRU Thundercracker! Follow me on Instagram: About The Channel ******************* Hello and welcome to my channel, PrimeVsPrime. I am a British Reviewer that focusses mainly on everything #Transformers, however, occasionally I may provide some coverage on other associated brands. My channel primarily consists of reviews, which tend to showcase and inform my viewers on all the brand new products released by both #Hasbro and #TakaraTomy and I strive to create a review that is as un-biased as possible. For all business proposals email me at: Thank you.

Transformers Stop motion - Megatron VS Optimus Prime

Follow us on Facebook : This season, we made several transformers toys review with Hasbro, These are three of the review fights, Megatron, Blackout and Grimlock, please check the full video in my second channel Counter656toys. My second channel :

Transformers Stop Motion : Prime VS Megatron 柯博文VS密卡登

Follow me on Facebook : Counter656 Twitter: A stop motion fight of good and evil transformers, see how Optimus Prime and Grimlock fight against Megatron the TANK, thanks to Hasbro for the support, video took around 20 days of production and nearly 3500 pictures. 柯博文與鋼鎖對上密卡登, 感謝台灣孩子寶的支援, 整部影片花了約20天共3500張照片組合而成.

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