Mario Power Tennis - All Character Trophy Celebrations

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[SFM] Mario's NightMare

This took way longer than it should... So here it is guys, the video we've all been waiting for. This was the video I mentioned in my update video with ALOT of changes. One of the biggest changes: Rosalina is gone thanks to a new peach model from the Smash Game for Wii U. This is the first episode to a series I'm making called: The NightMare series. And theres more to it then them just having a dream ;D I SUCK at SOUNDS AND BACKGROUNDS. I was mainly inspired by a lot of things, can you guys Spot the references? :O I decided to change the name to Mario's nightmare because it corresponds to the video. Special thanks to: Apoc Hedgie, Ratchet Mario, RandomTbush and others. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! Follow my twitter for video updates and to stay in touch.

Mario Power Tennis: All Power Shots/Special Moves

Here are all the Power Shots/Special Moves in Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo Gamecube. This game probably has the best special moves for the Mario Tennis Series... What do you think? ►Donate: ►Discord: ►NEW Instagram: ►More Smash Bros Mod Videos ►Breath of the Wild Playlist ►Nintendo Switch Videos ►Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Videos ►Ways to die in Wind Waker ►Tshirts: Why not Stalk me on Facebook, twitter, G+, Twitch! Instagram: Twitch: Twitter Google Plus Facebook:

Mario Strikers Charged - All Character Losing Animations

This video shows all Character Losing Animations in Mario Strikers Charged for the Nintendo Wii. 0:00 Mario 0:09 Peach 0:20 Donkey Kong 0:38 Waluigi 0:47 Luigi 0:56 Wario 1:06 Bowser 1:27 Yoshi 1:40 Daisy 1:56 Bowser Jr. 2:18 Diddy Kong 2:32 Petey Piranha A compilation of all Losing Animations in Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo Wii). マリオストライカーズ チャージド 全 打倒ポーズ集

Mario's Goal Calamity

You can now follow me on Twitter for more video updates, questions, or if you just wanna see me fail at tweeting! Twitter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mario's next zany calamity involves....a goal? How hard can it be for Mario to cross the gap to reach the end of the level? Find out! -------Author's Comments---------- Hey guys! GM94089 here! I bet you're shocked to see a new video so soon after my last upload! Hope you like my newest video though. It's a bit different from what I originally had in mind in terms of concept, but that's show business for ya. Regardless, I'm positive this video will put a smile or two on your face! Enjoy! Shoutouts to Alejandro Hernandez for his metal cover of Super Mario World's credits theme:

Mario Power Tennis Intro (With Blooper Clips,& Logos) (MOST LIKES!)

This a Mario Power Tennis Intro, With some Logos and Blooper Clips. credit to Nintendo & Camlot for cutscenes,& Logos. So If you Read this in Japan, It Would be called Mario Tennis.

This is a collection of every character's celebration for when they win a tournament trophy in Mario Power Tennis for the GameCube. Well, technically it is from New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis for Wii, but whatevers.

There is something about Bowser's scene which makes me want to cry...

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