Mario Power Tennis - All Character Trophy Celebrations

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Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - All Special Animations (Wii U)

Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games All Special Victory Animations (Wii U) Mario Character Animations: 00:00 Mario and Luigi 00:18 Mario and Yoshi 00:36 Mario and Donkey Kong 00:54 Mario and Peach 01:11 Mario and Bowser 01:29 Daisy and Peach 01:46 Wario and Waluigi 02:03 Bowser and Bowser Jr Sonic Character Animation: 02:21 Sonic and Amy 02:39 Sonic and Tails 02:56 Sonic and Dr Eggman 03:13 Metal Sonic and Dr Eggman 03:31 Amy and Blaze 03:47 Silver and Blaze 04:04 Silver and Shadow 04:22 Vector and Knuckles Mario and Sonic Crossover Animations: 04:40 Mario and Sonic 04:56 Yoshi and Silver 05:14 Donkey Kong and Vector 05:31 Luigi and Tails 05:48 Peach and Amy 06:05 Daisy and Blaze 06:23 Waluigi and Shadow 06:41 Donkey Kong and Knuckles 06:59 Wario and Knuckles 07:16 Bowser Jr and Metal Sonic 07:34 Bowser and Dr Eggman A compilation of all special team animations in Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo Wii U. Below is a playlist with all of my gameplay videos and compilations for this game Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Playlist: About the game: Developer: Sega Sports R&D Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Wii U

[SFM] Mario's NightMare

This took way longer than it should... So here it is guys, the video we've all been waiting for. This was the video I mentioned in my update video with ALOT of changes. One of the biggest changes: Rosalina is gone thanks to a new peach model from the Smash Game for Wii U. This is the first episode to a series I'm making called: The NightMare series. And theres more to it then them just having a dream ;D I SUCK at SOUNDS AND BACKGROUNDS. I was mainly inspired by a lot of things, can you guys Spot the references? :O I decided to change the name to Mario's nightmare because it corresponds to the video. Special thanks to: Apoc Hedgie, Ratchet Mario, RandomTbush and others. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! Follow my twitter for video updates and to stay in touch.

Mario Party 8: Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing

20/11/2013: 10.MILLION.FUCKING.VIEWS.INCREDIBLE. Mario, Wario and Peach are CPUs, set to Easy. To continue the "Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing" series I did a test to find out how many minigames I could win on Mario Party 8 without ANY input at all. 0:00 Rudder Madness 1:09 Cosmic Slalom 2:08 Ion The Prize 2:59 Alpine Assault 4:07 Cardiators 5:47 You're The Bob-Omb 7:02 Cut From The Team 8:38 Bob-Ombs Away! 9:31 Glacial Meltdown 10:07 Surf's Way Up Yeah, Luigi wins!

Baldi Basics VS Super Smash Bros (Animation)

Baldi basics invades super smash bros. Does your favorite character survives baldi wrath in this terrifying story of betrayal,sacrifice, and despair? Click the video to find out! Subscribe so you won't miss more terrifying animations All characters, sounds, and music belong to their respective owners Super Smash Bros Melee Multi Man Super Smash Bros Melee Final Destination Donkey Kong Sprites By: chrispriter martinez Pikachu Sprites By: tebited15 Samus Sprites By: ZinDinTimeYUM Fun Facts: 1.I personally pixalized the baldi characters so their sprites would look pretty along with the ssb characters (Next time I'll get level up custom pieces).It took a day and a half to do. 2.This was my first time animating with 3-D and I may use it more in future animations 3.This animation would of been done weeks ago but I kept getting discouraged from the constant technical issues I came across, particular the audio which would lag behind the video in flash but FINALLY I found solutions to the problems and hopefully it's the last I'll have to do with them. 4.Each character I had to do some type of customized piece to it because my brain won't allow me to be lazy(most of the time). #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #BaldiBasics

(Former World Record) New Super Mario Bros U Speedrun (39:47)

Join Curse Gaming Network: This run was done almost 2 months ago and I am publishing it now just so it isn't unlisted anymore. It's been the WR since then and it will probably stay that way since the speedrunning hype of this game has dropped drastically. There's about 8 seconds of improvements that can be made to this run (mostly due to the Kamek fight) and I was planning on improving it before making anything public. However, I've not been playing many games lately due to school and life so I don't really have the opportunity to improve this for some time. If I get the perfect time that I want then I will put in on SDA and SwordlessLink's channel. HUGE shoutouts to for helping me with this game!

This is a collection of every character's celebration for when they win a tournament trophy in Mario Power Tennis for the GameCube. Well, technically it is from New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis for Wii, but whatevers.

There is something about Bowser's scene which makes me want to cry...

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