TOP 10 Best SUV winter tyres R17 2016

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Winter Tyres or 4x4: which is best? - Auto Express

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to the mag Winter tyres are going to be on a lot of minds this year - Britain could face a particularly harsh winter this year, with snow falling from as early as November. If you've got a four-wheel drive car, you probably think you're properly prepared - but are you? We went up to Tamworth Snowdome to find out if a front-wheel drive car with winter tyres has more traction in the snow than a 4x4 with summer tyres fitted. We used two Ford Kugas, both with 2.0-litre diesel engines and manual gearboxes - but one is front-wheel drive, and the other all-wheel drive. The 4x4 Ford Kuga costs £1500 more than the normal model. In snowy conditions the rubber in summer tyres gets harder and less grippy. Winter tyres use a softer compound, and a tread pattern that's designed to pick up snow - improving grip in these harsh conditions. In our first test we saw that the front-wheel drive car on summer tyres was hopeless in the snow - but when fitted with winter tyres, it obviously did much better. However we also tested the 4x4 on summer tyres - and the results might surprise you. With winter tyres, the normal Kuga went 110 metres up the slope, while the 4x4 car only made it 13 metres up, before sliding back down 9 metres. in the end, it ended up no further than the standard did with summer tyres. We also tested the four-wheel drive Ford Kuga with winter tyres - and the difference was astonishing. There was plenty of grip and the car drove all the way to the top of the steep ski slope without a problem. Obviously, the best solution for driving on snow is to have a 4x4 on winter tyres - without the right rubber, a 4x4 is just as useless as a two wheel drive car. Having four-wheel drive won't help with braking, though - and that's much more important.

2017 SUV Summer Tyre Test – Summary | 215/60 R17 - 2

List of Tested Tyres: Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport Falken Ziex ZE914 Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125 Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV Michelin Latitude Tour HP Nokian Line SUV Sunny Harmonic H220 Nankang ECO-2 + Green Sport Vredestein Sportrac 5 Toyo Proxes CF2 SUV Music: Over Time - Vibe Tracks

Here's Why the 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Costs $85,000

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Test zimné pneumatiky/Winter Tires Test 2017/2018

Opäť sme pre vás pripravili pravidelných test zimných pneumatík. Tento raz určených pre stále populárnejšie SUV a crossoveri. K zimným plášťom sme opäť pridali aj univerzálnu pneumatiku Michelin Cross Climate. Ako dopadla v tradičných zimných disciplínach v porovnaní s čisto zimnými pneumatikami? V teste nájdete tieto pneumatiky: Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80 EVO Continental WinterContact TS 850P Dunlop Winter Sport 5 Hankook i`cept RS2 W452 Michelin Cross Climate Nokian WR D4 PirelliWinter Sottozero 3 Yokohama V905 Odoberať Autožurnál - Facebook - Instagram - Web - Prečítajte si aj naše testy pneumatík na

List of Tested Tyres:

• Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80 Evo
• Continental WinterContact TS850P SUV
• Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV
• Falken Espia EPZ
• Goodyear UltraGrip Performance SUV Gen-1
• GT Radial Champiro WinterPro HP
• Hankook Winter i*cept evo2 SUV W320A
• Nokian WR D4
• Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S
• WestLake SW658

Music: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Orange.

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