Slapshot National Anthem referee rant

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2011 NHL Awards - Pawn Stars Stanley Cup

A parody of Pawn Stars from the 2011 NHL Awards in which the Hanson Brothers of slapshot fame try to pawn off the stanley cup.

Slapshot - The Hanson Brothers Warmup

Slapshot - The Movie @PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz@PuckDusterz

SlapShot is the best hockey movie ever! Hanson brothers

Best scenes of the greatest hockey movie ever, SlapShot! (Universal PIctures 1977) Featuring the Hanson brothers and Paul Newman as Reggie Dunlop. Montage by

Hanson Brothers National Anthem

Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties

November 18, 2014, leafs vs nashville predators. The mic cut out partway through the us national anthem and the Canadian fans took it from there! I happened to be filming the anthem because I have 2 daughters, 2 and 4 years old who always stand up with me and sing both countries anthems when we are watching the games from home on TV, so since I had the chance to watch a game live, I thought I'd record it for them to see later at home. Turns out it was a feel good moment for Canadians and Americans, and I'm glad I caught it on video and could share it! Eric Bosman

Part where referee goes off on the bloody Hanson brothers

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