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How Ideal Contact Point Unlocks The Power Of Tennis Strokes While tennis technique, meaning the mechanics of the stroke, are crucial for beginners to acquire some basic skills, it's not the answer for hitting powerful shots. You can only hit with effortless power and control if you hit the ball in your ideal contact point. And even though that's so challenging, since every incoming ball is different, most players don't devote any time to working on this part of their game. Another key aspect of tennis is hitting in the sweet spot and you can improve your ability to do that by paying attention to how it feels when you hit the ball.

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Q&A A tennis racquet? A catapult. The wrist rolling on impact? Absurd. Contact with the ball? ~ 0,005 sec /US 0.005sec "Buggy Whip?" vs. The Wrist Whip taken through the apex of the swing. Open Stance? Watch my video.

TOPSPIN Forehand vs DRIVE Forehand [Comparison]

☑ SUBSCRIBE for New Videos Every Monday & Friday ☑ So, what’s the difference between the topspin and drive forehand? Knowing how to and when to utilize the topspin and flat forehand can go a long way to improving your tennis game. FROM THE VIDEO: In tennis, the forehand is arguably the most diverse stroke in technique among both the pros and amateurs. Whether you’re trying to hit +5000 RPM Nadal topspin forehands or +80 MPH Federer forehands, it all comes down to the swing path and contact point… ====================================================== LET'S CONNECT! Website ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Pinterest ► ====================================================== DONATIONS Creating tennis tutorials is very inspiring and fun, but it takes time and effort. Your support and donations are very appreciated! All donations will go to improving quality/equipment and building RacquetFlex. PayPal: Patreon: Email:

Tennis Forehand Contact Point And How To Find It The following tennis drills help you find an optimal forehand contact point and can be applied to any type of grip or any type of footwork. Most tennis players believe that perfect forehand technique will solve all their problems but the reality of the game is that it's based on timing. So in order to make your tennis technique work, you need to hit the ball in the ideal contact point - or zone. Eventually you should have no awareness of technique and just need to make sure you intercept the ball in your strike zone.

A Simple Tip For Amazing Volleys

Visit for stroke & matchplay video analysis. Pam and Daniel perfectly demonstrate how to position yourself effectively to allow you to be balanced, comfortable, and have the ideal relationship between your body, racket, and ball in order to control your volleys. Volley Footwork - The 3 Patterns You'll Need!:

Dietmar Rautenbach tennis director at the Glencoe Club demonstrates the perfect impact point

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