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Reign Of The 3 Wheeled Inline Hockey Skate

The Inline Hockey Skate has been re-designed to be faster and more agile. Bill Stoppard trials the first Powerslide Kronos Reign inline hockey skate in North America, rollerblading the streets of Toronto's Queen Street West. This 3 wheeled 'Reign' hockey skate with the Trinity Frame is the first of it's kind in North America. Is the 3 wheeled inline hockey skate the new City Skate' of the future? Inline Stopping, speed, jumping, and 'mincing' tests included. The Kronos Reign Inline hockey skate with Trinity Frame will available at Cameras used: GoPro4 Hero Black DJI Phantom 3 Standard Canon 5DMll

Mega Rampa 2 de 3 - Skate - High Quality

Mega Rampa São Paulo exibido em 27 de setembro de 2009. Parte 2 de 3.

Road trip to New Mexico Part 2! | Planet Roller Skate

Last week I hopped in a car headed towards New Mexico with skaters Fallon (@felonyfoxtrot), Caitlin (@caitfish) and Cletus. We met up with Chicks in Bowls New Mexico (@shred_nm) for Day 2 of adventures. Stay tuned for Day 3! HUGE THANKS TO Kat and Harmony and the local chapter for being such awesome hosts :) SHOP SKATES HERE: INDY: SKATERS: FALLON: OUR DAILY SHRED: SHRED NM / CHICK IN BOWLS NEW MEXICO: INDY WEARS: Moxi Roller Skates - S1 Helmets - THEME SONG "ROLL OUT" BY: @JFPRAPZ - SKATE JAMZ BY: Bodhi

Parte 1 - Comparativa Powerslide, Fila NRK, Flying Eagle, Seba, Rollerblade - Tutoriales Tecnicos cada miercoles!!! Powerslide Imperial - Fila NRK JP - Flying Eagle Falcon - Seba FR1 - Rollerblade Twister Pro -

Reign Triton 100 hockey skates - Rolling Reviews - 120002 - The Reign Triton – lift your game on a new level. The REIGN Triton breaks with hockey traditions. The 3x100mm setup makes your game even faster as well as the added bonus of making you more agile. The patented 3-point TRINITY mounting enables you to customize the frame position under your boot to fit perfectly to your individual skating skills and needs. This light weight boot is based on a glass-fiber reinforced plastic shell which provides great support. The 3-D Recall lining offers superior comfort. In addition, the 100mm Prime Tribune indoor wheels offers you a perfect grip. The Reign Triton will change your life and your game.

Rolling reviews from Powerslide, gives you an insight into how our skates perform while skating. We take you behind the scenes to explain key technical features and how they will influence your skating performance. Rolling reviews are hosted by Powerslide’s Product Development team of Matthias Knoll, Jürgen Pfitzner, and Scott Arlidge (also watch out for some special guests). They aren’t movie stars, but they understand their products. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s informative, it’s Powerslide Rolling Reviews.

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