Custom A2000 Unboxing!

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My Custom Wilson A2000: One Year Later

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Major League vs Minor League SALARIES

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2018 Wilson Glove Day: Boston Red Sox

The Wilson Baseball glove team visited longtime Wilson Advisory Staff member Dustin Pedroia and his Boston Red Sox teammates in Fort Myers, FL for #GloveDay. Pedroia (A2000 DP15 GM) and Mookie Betts (A2K MB50 GM) got a glimpse at their game models while Hanley Ramirez (Custom A2000 2800 SS/A2000 1614 SS), Andrew Benintendi (Custom A2000 1799 SS), Rafael Devers (A2000 DW5 SS) and their teammates also picked up their new leather. For more, visit

Baseball Shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods

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How NOT to break in a glove.

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This is an unboxing on a custom a2000. This is a 1788, 11.25 inches. Sorry that the lighting isn't great, I didn't have a chance to open it until the night, and I couldn't wait to open it!

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