Steffi Graf's 22 Grand Slam Championship Points

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Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras: Wimbledon fourth round, 2001 (Extended Highlights)

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Steffi Graf (Hingis' 99 French Open Debacle)

Steffi Graf: '99 French Open Final. Here is the third game of the second set in which Hingis receives a point penalty for crossing over to Steffi's side. The controversy began with a disputed line call. It is unclear in the replay whether the ball is in or out. Hingis crossed over to the other side of the net because she believed that the chair umpire had not sighted the correct mark. The crossing over was against the rules. The tournament referee will end up explaining this to Martina. Because of a previous code violation for racquet abuse, the second violation resulted in a point penalty. You can see what led to the first code violation in the clip titled "Steffi Graf Forehand High Volley." The absurdity of what happened is that Hingis was up a set and a break in the second set (2-0) when this all happened. French 1999

Roger Federer - Imitating Other Player's Shots

Roger Federer in an incredible player that is amazing at improvising and inventing new shots. However, sometimes, he likes to have fun during exhibitions and practices and imitates or resembles other player's shots. Even in real matches he still occasionally uses the Sampras slam dunk, the Connors skyhook smash, the two-handed backhand lob, and many more shots all featured in this compilation. Video Credits: Raz Ols Yoeri Tennis II SamTennisVids People Who Recorded the Practice Clips

Andre Agassi 8 Grand Slam Championship Points

Andre Agassi, former world No. 1 who was one of the tennis' most dominant players from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s. In singles tennis, Agassi is an eight-time Grand Slam champion and a 1996 Olympic gold medalist, as well as being a runner-up in seven other Grand Slam tournaments.

The Best Most Dramatic Moments in Modern Tennis History (HD)

Hello! These are my picks for what would be the best matches/endings in modern tennis! What do you think? I believe all of these matches were a different breed, something incredible that we as humans are able to produce. Thanks for watching and have a great day! Song: M83 - Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun

Steffi Graf's 22 Grand Slam singles titles put her second on the list of major wins in the female competition since the introduction of the Open Era in 1968 and is third all-time behind Margaret Court (24) and Serena Williams (23).

In 1988, she became the first and only tennis player (male or female) to achieve the Golden Slam by winning all four Grand Slam singles titles and the Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year. Furthermore, she is the only tennis player to have won each Grand Slam tournament at least four times.

Graf was ranked world No. 1 by the WTA for a record 377 total weeks — the longest period for which any player, male or female, has held the number-one ranking since the WTA and the ATP began issuing rankings.

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