Street Dogs Fighting Video 2017

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Cambo Rural Dogs!!Tibetan 3 Males Mastiff Try Request ChowChow

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Brave Dogs open fighting with monkey - Dogs vs monkeys- Dog attacks monkey

Today the Monkeys and Dogs are going to fight for the local owner at Bayon temple. Visit at: You can see more video at some social media : - - - - - - - - - - - YouTube:

Newfoundland D'Artagnan Playing Rough at the Dog Park

I don't go to dog parks anymore for a variety of reasons I will share on my Dog Blog, but here is D'Artagnan and a couple of huskies playing old school before people started making dogs play nice. I always checked the dog park when I went in for compatible play mates. D'Artagnan like to smoosh small dogs. Huskies notoriously play rough but a Newfie knows how to strategically throw his weight around. I love the very predatory take down at the end. His big paws reach around and grasp the other dog as he runs.

I could not figure out why were they barking to each other!
Was that for territorial issue?

I smelled something different.. there are two teams, team A consists male and female (black).. team B consists of two males and one female - all same color..

Female character from team A, a black female dog might have developed a special feeling for one of male from team B and it is not acceptable to male of team A... moreover female from team B also not liked this newly underdeveloped relationship!

Have you noticed black female dog's fascinating behavior?!!

I think, actually dog lovers may throw light on this issue.. or people who studies dog's behavior may be able to decode!!

Anyway have fun and share this video, so we can have some light thrown to it.

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