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Jennifer & Tami Say Evelyn Slept with Shaunie’s Ex | Basketball Wives

A retreat meant to work through the group’s drama backfires when it comes out that Evelyn slept with Shaunie’s ex. #VH1 #BasketballWives Subscribe to VH1: On this season of Basketball Wives friendships that once seemed rock solid will be shaken to the core. For the first time ever, Shaunie O’Neal finds herself at a crossroads between Tami, Jen, and Evelyn when an incredibly damaging rumor surfaces. Fresh off of her breakup with her ex fiancé, Evelyn Lozada is working on herself while Tami Roman is focusing on a possible upcoming engagement with Reggie. Jackie Christie returns with a new outlook on life, claiming that she isn’t holding onto any old grudges while Jennifer Williams finds herself caught in a tangled web of rumors versus truths when old friends begin to doubt her loyalty. While splitting her time between LA and Atlanta, Malaysia Pargo works to show the other ladies that blood is thicker than water with her new crew. Shows + Pop Culture + Music + Celebrity. VH1: We complete you. Connect with VH1 Online VH1 Official Site: Follow @VH1 on Twitter: Find VH1 on Facebook: Find VH1 on Tumblr : Follow VH1 on Instagram : Find VH1 on Google + : Follow VH1 on Pinterest : Jennifer & Tami Say Evelyn Slept with Shaunie’s Ex | Basketball Wives

Former Basketball Wives Cast: Where Are They Now?

Let's take a look at some of Basketball Wives' most memorable cast members from Los Angeles and Miami to see what they're up to now. Which of these former stars would you like to see return to the VH1 reality show?

Sister Circle Live | #EXCLUSIVE Tami Roman

Tami Roman came on down to The Circle - to talk about her deal with Tidal for 'The Bonnet Chronicles' and being a mother in Hollywood. Tune in to 'Sister Circle Live' Monday - Friday at 12p/est on TvOne - check your local listings or visit for more times. Follow us on our other Social Channels for more Updates and Behind The Scenes Moments @SisterCircleTV on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

DRAMATIC Married To Medicine Atlanta Season 6 Trailer Reactions

Married to Medicine returns with friendships and marriages on the line with cast members Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Mariah Huq, who rejoins the group for an all new season. “Married to Medicine” season six premieres Sunday, September 2nd at 8 PM ET/PT. DISCLAIMER: Some clips and photos in this video are used with consideration of US Fair use laws and have beens altered from the official trailer release. For an OFFICIAL sneak peek, please visit: Dr. Jackie and Curtis are on the path to healing their marriage and rebuilding trust, as they are back on the market looking for their perfect home together. Dr. Simone and Cecil have removed the divorce papers off the table, and are working towards moving back in together and being each other’s better halves. Toya and Eugene have put their tax issues behind them, and their love lives back in check. They will celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary, and this year it’s more important than ever. Dr. Heavenly’s dental practice is booming as she continues her spiritual journey and seeks the expertise of an anger management therapist to help her understand her anger. Heavenly believes she not only needs to talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Since last season Quad has moved…into the guest bedroom, and things are progressively tense between her and Dr. G. Quad is also laser focused on her career as a successful talk show host, and feels like there is a wedge between the friendships she once knew with the ladies. Contessa has finally found the balance she was seeking when it comes to raising her kids, but she is also focused on her health and takes careful measures to prevent breast cancer after a family member gets a critical diagnosis. Mariah Huq is back and living her best life. On the home front, Mariah is navigating being a mother to a teenage daughter and taking special care of her marriage with Aydin, but when an unexpected health scare shakes up the family, the couple gets even closer than ever. Will all of these ladies be able to get their personal lives and friendships on track? Last week I promised the new season of Married to Medicine would be Bingeworthy and now that Bravo has officially released the trailer for the reality show now in it’s sixth season, be sure to watch all the way to the end so you know everything you can expect for the new season. It’s Justin Diego and I am back with another bingeworthy video and today let’s talk about how we can get the conversation going about what we can expect from our other favorite Atlanta wives after you check out this dramatic trailer. People magazine was first to get access to the trailer for the new season and I want you guys to go to their website to get the full scoop after this. According to their article Longtime stars Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb-Lunceford are all returning for another round of action, as will Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, who joined the crew last season. Mariah Huq will also be back, rejoining the team full-time for the first time since season 2.  That is a big deal and I hope Mariah will not let us down. As you know the last season of married to medicine ended in one of the most memorable was and in my opinion they earned their spot as one of Bravo’s greats. I was personally very emotional and I can’t wait to see where Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil end up. I wasn’t particularly shocked about Quad’s tumultuous breakup but I wonder if this will lead to her and Mariah getting back to a good place or not. I made this video because I really want to have the most bingeworthy season of Married to Medicine ever and to educate you guys about what’s to come for the new season and this trailer definitely gives us hope! I wonder if Real housewives of Atlanta will be coming back early because I feel like this is pretty early for a Married to medicine premiere. Let me know what yall thought about this trailer and what you are most excited about for season 6 and share share share this video so it gets lit! Be sure to check out and for more about this amazing tv show. ************* Don't forget to subscribe to our channel now & check us out everywhere! Follow Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Instagram: Follow Justin on Instagram:

'Basketball Wives LA' Stars Respond to Ayesha Curry's 'Rigged' Tweet

Shaunie O'Neal, Jackie Christie, and Malaysia Pargo react to Ayesha Curry's now infamous tweet about the NBA being "rigged for money" and / or "ratings." Hosted by John Gray, Dr. E Dewey Smith Jr., Orrick Quick and Dr. Jamal Bryant, THE PREACHERS is an all-new talk show featuring four dynamic and outspoken preachers who are known for their electrifying and unique takes on pop culture, news events and spirituality. Check listings at

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