Harukana Receive Episode 7 Live Reaction and Review. Beach VOLLEYBALL IDOL GIRL

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Kaichou wa maid sama Ep: 12 1/2 Sub. Español

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Ichigo 100 % ( Extrait ) (extract)

Extrait Ichigo 100 % Spécial remerciement aux 1 millions de vue. en récompense et aux nombreuses personne laissant un commentaire sur le sous-titrage, j'ai pris soins de traduire en plusieurs langue utiliser. accepter ma difficulté sur les traductions, je ne suis pas multi-langue :D Vous aimez ? pourquoi pas partager :) Special thanks to 1 million views. in reward and many people leaving a comment on the subtitle, I took care to translate in english languages ​​to use. accept my difficulty on translations, I'm not multi-language :D Do you like? Why not share :)

Lol first minute is filled with confusing, I am watching the right anime?

Ok so her dream is to became a beach volleyball idol girl, a great dream of course.

But for some reason I cannot stop staring at her Bikini first and foremost...I mean I know its less revealing actually then e.g claires one but with that type of style it really looks its a constant fan-service panty shoot all the time :)

Of course Claire was agreeing to also become an idol girl for that matter - obvious best girl.

The waku waku was funny and gave me a how I met your mother vibe.
Generally she was pretty funny, but I will say this, I dont really know how she is gonna add to the main story? Feels like she is gonna end up as some kind of supportive character watching the matches that the MC girls do and helping them with advice or what not.

Then we get Coach Marrisa, that for some reason is a surprise to the Haruka, when she looks like a triple to the twins just even more attractive in her milf status. (I guess the surprise is because she looks like she is to hot to be a mom)

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This is my Reaction and review to Harukana Receive (はるかなレシーブ) Episode 7 for all my reactions and reviews of Harukana Receive out my playlist -

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