Reaction to Platinum Mike Perry without his Girlfriend in his corner | vs Paul Felder UFC 226

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When A Thug Is Given Gloves | Mike Perry

Mike Perry. An up n coming warrior who gets a pretty bad rap, and considering some of the things he's said, yeah... He probably deserves it... Thank you for joining me as we break down this king of concussions. Music: HeroicMonk - Journey [Chill Trap] - NoCopyrightTracks Release script: In this segment we'll be featuring Mike Perry. A warrior with a concussive dose of tranquilizer loaded in his right fist fist paired, with a cold and merciless intent to destroy. Bullied as a child being 1 of 10 caucasians in his entire school, he experienced quite a bit of racism, life wasn't too good to him... Humans... it's interesting. The moment we feel an opportunity to feel strong over the vulnerable, we do, but inevtiably it shows how truly weak we are... and ironically, to those who do not break, like a coal under pressure, they become harder and harder, until a diamond slowly starts to form, and with Mike Platinum Perry, thats exactly what happened. Hardened by his harsh reality, forced into fights, unwilling to back down, his world of hurt taught him to hurt, he became a thug, who if wasn't so talented would have remained a thug... Fortunately, when your skills are good enough, there will always be a place for you, and for Mike that place was the arena. Despite holding a blue belt in jiu jitsu, Mike prefers to stand and bang, relying on his concussive blows to end his opponents, not alot of set up for his strikes, with a very unidimensional form of pressure. Ofcourse this style is very entertaining to watch, easy for viewers to understand, and with that power, it grants a high liklihood of a KO, but vs more patient, rangey fighter, or even a strong counter puncher, this style could pose a problematic. Alan Jouban was a pefect example of this, where Alan would just back up, and poke Mike while mike being heavily dependant on his right hands power, could only walk up and take the punishment, hoping to clip his opponent. You can never count that power out, because one solid blow could instantly dismantle an entire plan, but if it doesn't land, it becomes a very slow, demoralizing, and painful defeat as Alan proved. I believe Mike has alot of potential. He has a mouth that sparks controversy, a style thats enjoyable to watch, and ofcourse is very talented, I think he could be a huge star in the UFC, but with such a dependance on his right arms power, primarily his overhand, and his nature of just stepping forward hinting a degree of impatience, I think that belt he wishes for is a journey away. An example of a more complete style similar to Mikes would be Tyron Woodley, pressuring forward, ready to clip and devastate you with an overhand, but the difference would be the wresttling pressure he also applies, giving him depth to his style, a yin to his yang, forcing you to pick between high or low, and punishing you hard when you choose incorrectly... That's what makes tyron so dangerous, wrestlers in general, as they effectively transfer their explosiveness into the overhand whilst masking it with the wrestling shoot. Mike isn't a wrestler, but because he doesn't seem to have another strong form of pressure, his next best thing maybe his leg kicks, I think at the higher levels, he will continue to be exploited for that reason. I can easily see stephen thompson doing exactly what Alan Jouban did but even better, but I think if Mike finds another dangerous form of pressure that comes natural to his style, we might end up seeing a new world breaker in the UFC. What do you guys think?

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PLATINUM Mike Perry returned to win the win column in a FIGHT OF THE NIGHT performance against the "Irish Dragon" Paul Felder. Unfortunately, they didn't get the FOTN performance bonus... ? WTF

In his past fights, Mike Perry, often times, had his ex-girlfriend in his corner and it was difficult to watch at times. She had no martial arts coaching experience and it showed.

But I was super impressed with this new Mike Perry. With Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn behind him, is Platinum now a contender at 170?

LET me know in the COMMENT SECTION!

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