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MLB Playback - The Most Interesting Plays In History

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Throwing Instruction and Drills

Throwing the baseball correctly is a fundamental skill youth baseball coaches must teach players. This video shows throwing techniques and drills like Ready, Break, Throw. Want to learn more drills and coaching approaches? Purchase our youth baseball coaching manuals: Learn more at

Watch the highly talented Infielders from the EAST team @PGAllAmerican 2015

These top IF prospects from the EAST team at the 2015 Perfect Game All American Classic have yet to begin their Senior year in High School and they have arms & movements that compare with MLB players! This workout took place at Univ of San Diego baseball stadium. Visit for more info on these great young stars. (Video by Skillshow)

How To "Load to Unload" Your Pitching Delivery for MAXIMUM POWER and PITCHING VELOCITY (It Works!!!)

Instantly Increase Pitching Velocity with The Velocity Extractor! Click Here for your Free Video: In this video we talk about how to load to unload the energy in your pitching delivery for maximum power and pitching velocity. The more and more I study pitching, pitching mechanics, and the pitching delivery, I notice that it has a lot to do with the loading and unloading of energy. When we pitch, we want to transfer our energy through our kinetic chain and we do that by loading energy, creating energy, and then unloading it through proper sequencing and timing. If we can do that efficiently and consistently then we will be able to increase pitching velocity in our delivery. So check out this video and learn some of the load to unload ideas I talk about. 9 Pitching Velocity Killers Leave a comment down below if you can think of any more spots where we load to unload in the pitching delivery or if you have any questions. Thanks!

Secret Pros Know About Stride Foot & Front Knee - By Winning Baseball and Trent Mongero discuss in detail the role the stride foot and more importantly the hitter's front knee play in keeping a hitter from "leaking off" or "pulling off" their swing. This clip is a small fraction of what is found in both book 1 and 2 and accompanying DVDs. Visit to purchase your copy of Trent Mongero's top Instructional Baseball Series, "Winning Baseball." Each book comes complete with a detailed 4 hour instructional DVD. Contributors to the books include Pro Hitting Coordinator, Tim Hyers and Pro Pitching Coordinator, Scott Emerson. WINNING BASEBALL is tabbed by Ray Tanner, The former head coach of the University of South Carolina and Back-to-Back National Champions, as the best Instructional series he has ever seen.

Visit to get the entire "Elite Throwing Mechanics and Drills" Download. It includes throwing mechanics, throwing drills, and how to properly catch a baseball. This 13 min video clip is just a sneak peek into the detailed instruction that comes on the Winning Baseball Throwing Download....
Becoming an accurate thrower is vital to moving up the ladder in the game of baseball. Here are the critical aspects of throwing mechanics from start to finish. The clip also reveals common flaws that must be eliminated.

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