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Coaching Beginner Baseball | How to Throw (Pro Speed Baseball)

Click For FREE Video: Baseball Beginner Training | How to Throw (Pro Speed Baseball) In this video we are going over the proper progression on how to teach a beginner how to throw a baseball. We will go over the most common mistakes most young aspiring baseball players make and the one position that takes care every mistake. We will first get in the proper throwing position and learn how to throw using both arms efficiently. The first phase will be with no step where the player throws from a still position. The second phase we will then add a small step towards the target. And when the player has mastered the first two steps, the final step is a shuffle towards the target and then throw. If done in progression, making sure each progression is mastered, the player will have built a solid throwing foundation to build from. I look forward to helping you improve your baseball in the future! Pro Speed Baseball, Michael Derr Click Here to Subscribe: "Baseball Beginner How to Throw"

Common Hitting Flaws & Drills

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MLB Greatest Outfield Throws of All time

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Extreme Baseball Infield Drills-Major League Fundamentals

Visit for more free baseball videos. In this segment players perform infield drills to help fielding techniques, lateral movement, turning double plays, pop-ups, communication, and slow rollers. More more Big League workouts or questions, email us at:

Developing Howitzer Arm Strength -

This is part 1 of a throwing program designed to increase arm strength. This long toss routine is progressive and each session is meant to build on the last. Every workout is preceded with a general & throwing specific warm-up. Visit for the accompanying print-outs and articles.

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ProSwing's Tip of the Week focuses on the Top Gun Throwing Series, a must-watch for all baseball players. Coach Matty Maher disseminates information given to him by former Los Angeles Dodger Dan Gray, and the throwing program the Dodgers created. Coach Matty will break down the progressions and steps you must take to properly warm-up your arm, as well as build arm strength. Do you want to throw harder, prevent injury, and be ready to go for game=-time? If so, this video is for you!

Coach Matty Maher is an instructor at ProSwing, and was named to ESPN the Magazine's 1st Academic All-American Team in 2009. He is the All-Time hit and steal leader at Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Division I campus.

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