CCM RibCor Trigger² PMT Stick Review

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2018 CCM Super Tacks AS1, JetSpeed and Trigger2 PMT Stick Lines // On-Ice Insight

Chase from IW and CCM's Stick Product Manager, Catherine Ward, discuss the unique features and flex profiles of their 2018 CCM Super Tacks AS1, JetSpeed and RibCor Trigger2 Stick Lines. Click here to learn more -

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CCM JetSpeed Stick Review

Pre-sale starts June 22nd and launches on July 20th. IW Hockey reviews the CCM JetSpeed Hockey Stick. Available at The CCM JetSpeed Stick was designed to give player's a next-level advantage from any spot on the ice with the new JetStream blade and the Hybrid Kick Point. The patented multi-channel blade core utilizes a vibration dampening layer on the front, producing some of the best puck feel, control and consistency this line has ever seen.

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IW Hockey reviews the CCM RibCor Trigger² PMT Hockey Stick.

The CCM RibCor Trigger2 PMT Grip Stick is the most powerful and quickest releasing RibCor stick CCM has ever made. CCM has been vigorously utilizing their new stick R&D facility has not only allowed CCM to work on advanced technological advances like what is found in the Trigger2, but it has all been validated with hard data too.

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