Five Guys Burgers and Fries

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10 Things You May Not Know About Five Guys

Here are 10 things you may not know about Five Guys. The first Five Guys Burgers & Fries restaurant opened its doors in the mid 1980s and quickly became a Washington DC area favorite. Since then, they’ve blossomed into one of the nation’s most beloved burger destinations.   Here are 10 things you may not know about the fast food chain and its rise to fame. Number 10. It offers thousands of ways to enjoy a burger. The wide variety of toppings and specifications offered add up to a lot of potential. It’s estimated that there are over 250 thousand ways an order can be customized.  Number 9. Don’t look for menu additions any time soon. The Murrell’s, who own Five Guys, get a lot of pressure to add milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, and coffee, but they’re holding strong on their decision to keep the options tight. The company doesn’t want to risk losing sight of their core, something they believe has crippled a number of once successful food enterprises.  Number 8. A report from 2013 indicated Shaquille O’Neal had acquired 155 Five Guys restaurants. Last year Forbes reported the NBA legend owns 10 percent of the franchises and is expected to attain billionaire status soon thanks in part to these investments.  Number 7. Restaurant Ownership or College. That was the choice presented to the young Murrell boys when they were at the age when such things are considered. Clearly they opted to go into business with their dad and open a family-owned eatery, a decision that has paid off in spades. Number 6. There really are 5 guys behind it. Originally the name referred to dad Jerry and his four sons Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben. Then Tyler came along, and ever since it’s represented the offspring, each of which fills a key position in the company.  Number 5. Five Guys has served the nation’s leader. In 2009 President Obama stopped off at a Washington DC location to grab a cheeseburger with jalapeños for himself and slew of eats for his staff. He walked out about 80 dollars lighter and with two very large bags.  Number 4. The restaurants are timer-free zones. It’s the belief of the company that cooking is something best controlled by the skills of the chef, not kitchen gadgets. Thus, they’ve instituted a company-wide ban on the use of timing devices.  Number 3. It’s the country’s fastest growing food chain. Between 2006 and 2012 Five Guys expanded by nearly 800 percent. Not bad for a burger joint that didn’t even have customer seating when they first opened.  Number 2. They’re not easily pushed around, not even by the Pentagon. Upon learning that an order couldn’t be delivered to the enormous military facility, an admiral called and informed the restaurant that all area establishments accommodated their door to door service requests. In response, Five Guys hung a 22-foot sign outside that read, ‘ABSOLUTELY NO DELIVERY.’  Number 1. The company takes potatoes very seriously. Most of the ones they serve up as fries hail from Idaho, but overall the goal is to only acquire those that are grown north of the 42nd parallel. There, spuds do their maturing almost exclusively during daylight hours, resulting in a slower maturation process and a more solid tuber. What do you think is the most interesting thing about Five Guys?, Burgers, FIve Guys Burgers, Fremont, CA

Five Guys Burgers 43518 Christy Street Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 353-1331


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How To Make a FIVE GUYS Hamburger

How to make a Five Guys Burger at home What you will need: 1. A Griddle and/or Electric Grill 2. A Spatula and a Potato Masher 3. Hamburger Buns 4. American Cheese Slices 5. 80% Lean – 20% Fat Hamburger Meat 6. Whatever toppings you desire **1.26 lbs. = Six Patties What to do: 1. Take out your hamburger meat (NEVER FREEZE, Five Guys NEVER freezes their hamburger meat) 30 minutes before cooking. 2. Prepare toppings first, if desired. Then start the griddle and set at 300 – 350 degrees 3. Ball the hamburger meat into whatever size you wish (just make sure you completely cook it) then flatten them a little bit. 4. Place the hamburger buns on the griddle for about 45 seconds. 5. Place a sheet of aluminum foil (for wrapping). 6. Remove the buns and place them on the foil, then add the toppings. 7. Place the patties on the griddle and watch carefully. 8. When you flip the patty for the first time, use the potato masher to flatten, careful the grease can hurt. 9. When BOTH sides are cooked COMPLETELY place a slice of cheese on the patty and wait another 30 seconds to remove. 10. Remove the patty and place it on the bun. 11. Fix the burger then wrap it in the aluminum foil sheet. 12. ENJOY! I really hope you all enjoyed this video. I know I haven’t made a video in two years and I am wishing to return to the YouTube game. Thank you all for the support! Ask me anything if you need help! (I am in no way a spokesman for Five Guys, this is not my recipe, I just worked for them for a few months. BEST JOB EVER.) Happy Grilling! Heather Green

The Five Guys menu is centered on hamburgers that are never frozen offered with American cheese or bacon, kosher style hot dogs, grilled cheese and vegetable sandwiches. Five Guys uses buns that are sweeter and "eggier" than normal buns. French fries are hand cut and fried in peanut oil and are available salted only in "Five Guys style" or seasoned "Cajun style".

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