Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Boxing Gloves - Fight Gear Focus Mini Review

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How to Wrap your Hands for Muay Thai, Boxing, or Kickboxing - Closed Palm Style

This is a tutorial by Kru Vivek Nakarmi, Head Instructor at Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts, on wrapping your hands from an angle that allows you to follow along seamlessly. Please note this style of hand wrap is not for use in competition. There are many ways to wrap hands, but we have found this to be one of the simplest and most effective for beginners and intermediates who are not sparring just yet. Hand wrap length used in this video is 180 inches.

How I Designed My Own Boxing Gloves + UPDATE!

What's up, guys? I wanted to share the process that I went through for creating my own boxing gloves, show some behind the scenes from our commercial, and give an update on when they will be re-stocked. Thank you for all of your support, everybody -- I promise to continue providing the tools that you need to go from Underdog... to champion. Subscribe to fightTIPS► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Thumbnail Photo by:

Muay Thai Gloves Compared and Reviewed

Boxing Gloves Guru Alex Wright & #1 Ranked LHW Muay Thai Fighter Juan Cerventes look over some of the best Muay Thai boxing gloves available on the market today from Sandee, Fairtex, Twins, Revgear and Danger Equipment. Looking at all aspects of the gloves including build quality, materials, construction, hand position, usage in training and durability this comprehensive review gives you all the information you need to make the right choice when buying boxing gloves for Muay Thai or K1 style kick boxing

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RDX boxing gloves review.

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A video taking a closer look at the Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Boxing Gloves.

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