Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Boxing Gloves - Fight Gear Focus Mini Review

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Muay Thai Gloves VS Traditional Boxing Gloves

Which gloves suit you the best, Muay Thai or traditional boxing gloves? Please watch this video for a good comparison. The gloves in the video are 16 ounce Sanabul Battleforged gloves and 16 ounce New Sporting boxing gloves.

Minimalist Boxing Training

You don't need much gear or space to get yourself in fighting shape! Reach out: Follow me on Instagram: janrebongfitness Learn More:

Title GEL Intense Bag/Sparring Boxing Gloves Review by ratethisgear

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5 Common Jab Mistakes: This Should be Your Best Punch!

There's a good reason why the jab is the first punch you will learn in boxing: because it should be your BEST punch! It exerts the least amount of energy, acts as a probe, dictates the range, and sets up combos. Perfect your Jab► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

How I Designed My Own Boxing Gloves + UPDATE!

What's up, guys? I wanted to share the process that I went through for creating my own boxing gloves, show some behind the scenes from our commercial, and give an update on when they will be re-stocked. Thank you for all of your support, everybody -- I promise to continue providing the tools that you need to go from Underdog... to champion. Subscribe to fightTIPS► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Thumbnail Photo by:

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A video taking a closer look at the Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced Thai Boxing Gloves.

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