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L'Últim Segon - Aspencat (Cover)


Can’t Get Close Enough - Black Sabbath - Guitar Cover

One of my favorite songs off the 1995 Forbidden album, this song harks back to the good old days and sounds like it could have been on Sabotage. This song is somewhat of a standout for Iommi because he seems to have lowered his low E string to previously unknown depths! The whole guitar is tuned down a half step but the low E string is down to Bb (yes, almost to A) which therefore makes it simple to play this riff which is also in Bb. The droning sound of the low E string is great in the intro but becomes super fierce in the verse... very unique and heavy.

Nekromantix - No More Room in Hell (Guitar Cover)

...the dead will walk the Earth.

TWICE (트와이스)- 'Stuck' Acoustic Guitar Cover

Another great new song off of Twice's new What is Love? Extended Play. This track is CD only, so be sure buy the album. It's a few of the same chords as the title track, so both can be played without altering the key. Hope you enjoy! ☺ As always, I kind of added my own things here and there, but this should give an idea of what's being played, though the actual guitars in the song are electric. Have a great day! Also, let me know if you want the chords.

【G.O.D.III】 大和 - Saw A York [Guitar Cover]

I LOVE YOU YAMATO!!! My wrist hurts because I've been recording too hard.... Twitter : @jungmato_kun Instagram : @wooks0314 Facebook : Gear Sterling JP157 Fractal FX2

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Pranqster Belgian Ale Beer Review
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