North Coast Pranqster Belgian Ale Beer Review-- Jolene Guitar Cover - Bloopers

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Cheap Beer Challenge

In this webisode we are reviewing 7 cheap beers. Stay tuned for weekly webisodes. Cheap Beers: 1. Big Flats.................... 2. Natural Light........... 3. Keystone Light........ 4. Steel Reserve......... 5. Budlight.................. 6. Rolling Rock........... 7. Coors Light............ Contact Us @: Follow Mike on Instagram @ idahobeard Follow Rory on Instagram @ roryconrad

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays Cover (Keys Arranged For Guitar)

I didn't even think I could approximate this one on guitar but I'm proud of how it turned out. To get key sounds I used an EHX Key9 pedal. Also forgive my sloppy edits and video effects! Thought I'd try something different INTRO TAB: Be mindful of the tuning, the low Eb goes down to a C

Battle Beers: Best Double IPAs Edition - Ep. #616

*Green is an IPA, but at 7.5%, I thought it was close enough to add into the mix. Post below with your thoughts! What is your favorite beer in this Battle Beers? (Trillium and Hill Farmstead are two large omissions. I also would have enjoyed throwing Grimm into this. In the end, I did what I had available and fresh.) Results: 1. Tree House Green 2. Heady Topper 3. Hoof Hearted Konkey Dong 4. Sip of Sunshine 5. Singlecut Bon Bon 6. Captain's Daughter

Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) - Guitar Fingerstyle Cover

Underoath X It Has To Start Somewhere X Drum Cover

The new underoath album, Erase Me, is out and I had to cover the first track on the album! The drums are insane. FOLLOW ME: GEAR INFO: Drum Kit: 1969 Standard Ludwigs (12, 14, 20) Snare: Ludwig Standard Snare 14X5 Cymbals: Paiste - 22" Masters Thin, 20" Masters Thin, 20" PSTX Swiss Medium, 15" Masters Dark Hats Heads: Remo Ambassador X Coated on snare, Remo Ambassador Coated on toms, Remo coated on kick. Sticks: Vic Firth Steve Jordan Signature Interface: Safire Pro 40 Recording Software: Pro Tools 11 In Ear Monitors: 64 Audio U4s

North Coast Brewing
Pranqster Belgian Ale Beer Review
-- Jolene Guitar Cover
-- Bloopers


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