Mario Tennis Aces - All Special Shots & KOs

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Mario Tennis Aces - All Bosses

A compilation of all 6 bosses + ending in Mario Tennis Aces for the Nintendo Switch. Below you can find the timestamps for every boss fight: 0:00 Petey Piranha 4:07 Madame Mirage 10:33 Snow Ogre 16:40 Gooper Blooper 22:50 Thwomp 24:14 Bowser Statue 30:02 Bowcien (Final Boss) All Bosses playlist: Mario Tennis: Aces gameplay + walkthrough playlist:

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This video shows the Mushroom Park board in Mario Party mode with 2 players in Mario Party 10.

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Compilation of all special shots & KOs in Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch

All Characters:
00:00 Mario
00:17 Luigi
00:37 Wario
00:57 Waluigi
01:17 Peach
01:36 Daisy
01:55 Rosalina
02:14 Toad
02:33 Toadette
02:53 Bowser
03:13 Bowser Jr
03:33 Boo
03:54 Yoshi
04:12 Donkey Kong
04:32 Spike
04:51 Chain Chomp

Compilation of all special moves & KOs (Broken Rackets) in Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch. This also includes all victory pose animations for each character after the KO

About the game:
Developer: Camelot
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch

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