[Deep Dive] Updating iOS 11.2 Enterprise Apps in Single App Mode

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How to Set your iPad up into "Store" or "Single App" mode. *Audio/Visual Brisbane*

In This Video, Mark Skehan from The Big Picture explains how to set up an iOS device into single app mode, or guided access so it can be used in store mode, or more importantly, so it can be used for cost effective remote control of Audio/Visual Systems via and iPad. http://www.thebigpictureav.com.au/ The Big Picture 1/183 Ruthven St Toowoomba QLD Australia 4350 1300 799 734

AirWatch Integration with Apple Configurator for Education

Apple Configurator 2 - How to Prepare and Supervise Multiple iPads

How to prepare and supervise your iPads in Apple Configurator 2. Plug your iPads into your sync centre and open Apple Configurator 2 Select all the iPads And click on the prepare button at the top centre Leave configuration as Manual and click Next For server leave it as Do Not enroll in MDM and Click next For Supervision choose Supervise devices, and Allow devices to pair with other computers, then Click Next Choose your organization name from the drop down If you haven’t created one it will prompt you to add details about your establishment. Then Click Next Then you need to choose which steps to skip on the iPad when you first set it up By default if you skip them all they will be set to off So I like to choose Location Services so I can turn it on when I set my iPad up And Apple ID because it will need it later on so it’s easier to put it in while I am setting the iPad up When you have finished Click prepare It might take up to 15 minutes depending on how many iPads you have connected. When it has finished you will see the home page of the iPads displayed in the view pane. And that’s it you’re done, now you can apply Blueprints to your supervised devices.

Single-App Mode using Jamf Now

How to lock an iPad into one App only

Learn how to easily lock your iPad into one App only. A great tool for teachers to stop students going off task while using iPad in the classroom. A very nifty built in feature that you may not know about.

Apple made a new feature available for updating enterprise apps that are locked in Single App Mode. Watch how it works in this video and read more here: https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2018/02/update-single-app-mode-apps-ios-11-2.html.

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