Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - Mario vs. Luigi - Mega Battle

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - Daisy vs. Peach - Mega Battle

This video shows Daisy vs. Peach in Mega Battle mode in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

Mario Power Tennis Playthrough - Mario & Luigi Rainbow Cup Singles

Mario Power Tennis was developed by Camelot Software & Nintendo and released on the Nintendo Gamecube and re-released on the Wii for Wiimote controls. This is the Gamecube Version (which I recommend). Recording, gameplay and advice (with minor research) given by me. Time to get a playthrough series started, and one that seemed to have much anticipation. This is the sequel to the popular Mario Tennis on the N64, where tennis combines with Mario to make for some zany, but awesome fun. In the sequel, there is the addition of Power shots, which adds a new level to the already fun mechanics of the original. The AI in this game is also improved at least in the higher difficulties. Here, we're skipping the easier Mushroom, Flower and Star Cups and going through the Star Tournament with all the characters. Expect faster speeds, more action and the nasty, deceptive climb in difficulty. Also, this will be the way to introduce all the playable characters in the game, showcasing their strengths, weaknesses and power shots! Enjoy the video!

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New Super Mario Bros Wii - 100% Walkthrough Co-op ITA - Parte 09 di 19

Parte 09 di New Super Mario Bros Wii. In questa parte: Iniziamo il Mondo 5, rigogliosa giungla, ma possiamo fare solo i primi tre livelli perchè le radici ostacolano il nostro percorso! :/ Ps: il castello ha quasi indotto Masny al suicidio! xD Monete Stella recuperate: Mario (Fabry) - 5 (68 totali) Luigi (Masny) - 4 (37 totali) Conteggio morti: Mario (Fabry) - 0 (9 totali) Luigi (Masny) - 4 (18 totali) Conteggio bandiere di fine livello: Mario (Fabry) - 1 (19 totali) Luigi (Masny) - 1 (11 totali) I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.

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This video shows Mario vs. Luigi in Mega Battle mode in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

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