Protection Plans (Find, Use, Create)

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Youth Basketball Plays - Regular Motion Offense

Visit for over 400+ free video clips and 165+ free handouts! The most "Free" youth basketball information on the web! There are many variations of the motion offense - this is the most basic motion offense of them all. When the ball is up top, screen down. When the ball is to the side (wing), screen away. This motion offense is easy to learn and execute.

NBA 2K18 Best Freelance Offense Tutorial: 2K18 Money Plays: 2K18 Warriors Motion Cuts Freelance #10

2K18 Best defense breaking offense tutorial. How to play 2K18 Money Plays Tutorial.2K18 How to break 2K18 defense tips. 2K18 Freelance Offense Tips.

5 Out Circle Motion Continuity Offense

The Circle Motion is an easy offense to implement and provides opportunities to score from screening and cutting. The simplicity is what I like about the offense the most. Share feedback to: For Euro Ball Screen Offense:

How To: INSTANTLY JUMP HIGHER! Increase Your Vertical Jump Right Now!

How To Instantly Jump Higher! We are going to increase your vertical jump right now! Get your free Vertical Jump Analyzer & Workout Here: After reaching 500K subscribers on YouTube we wanted to show thanks by answering your requests for vertical jump training. In today’s video Coach Rocky breaks down the mistakes many players make when jumping off of one foot and two feet. After the mistakes Coach Rocky then breaks down the fixes to these mistakes. When these fixes are implemented you will jump higher, guaranteed! We wanted to provide a time stamp because we know you are going to want to watch the video multiple times 😉 Time Stamp: 0:00 - 1:34 - Intro and explanation 1:35 - 3:30 - 3 Biggest Mistakes Players Make On Approach 3:31 - 6:04 - The Approach Fixes To Jump Higher 6:05 - 8:28 - Everything You Need To Know About TAKE-OFF 8:29 - 9:01 - Quick Recap Of The Most Important Tips 9:02 - 10:16 - Get Your Free Vertical Analyzer & Free Vertical Workout Get Your FREE Vertical Jump Analyzer & Vertical Workout Here: Subscribe To Our Channel Here For More Videos: Connect With Coach Rocky Snap Chat: CoachRock1 Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Connect With ILoveBasketballTV Instagram: Facebook:

Low Back Screen STS - Screening Continuity Offense

This offense was implemented to help incorporate constant screening and cutting into a continuity offense. There are options to score on cuts, post ups, down screening and slips. We've found wrinkles and set plays from within the base offense that have been effective. Share feedback to:

When we drive the ball, we intend to score or at least get a shot off but the majority of the time that doesn't happen. In this video we explore some of the concepts to transfer the ball, explore the defense and come to controlled stops on neutralized penetration attempts. We call them protection plans, and we consider them a part of the "offense within the offense."

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