Protection Plans (Find, Use, Create)

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Decision Making Progression (Find, Use, Create)

We use this progression to teach decision making. Depending on the type of start and number of players involved changes the reads and decisions. The more we do these drills, the more players understand how and when to transfer the ball to teammates. Each advantage start teaches small details of game: Blind = rip and sweep footwork technique Cone Touch = split stance drive into crossover step technique Close Out = shot/Drive decision making + footwork Walk to Run - change of pace dribble Email me with questions -

5 Out Circle Motion Continuity Offense

The Circle Motion is an easy offense to implement and provides opportunities to score from screening and cutting. The simplicity is what I like about the offense the most. Share feedback to: For Euro Ball Screen Offense:

NBA Top 15 Smartest Plays Ever

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Sport Science: Kevin Love - World Record Shot

Kevin Love attempts to beat the world record shot.

How To: 6 Tips to Dribble A Basketball Better in 2018!🏀😏

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When we drive the ball, we intend to score or at least get a shot off but the majority of the time that doesn't happen. In this video we explore some of the concepts to transfer the ball, explore the defense and come to controlled stops on neutralized penetration attempts. We call them protection plans, and we consider them a part of the "offense within the offense."

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