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MONSTER Volleyball 3-rd Meter Spikes (HD)

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TOP 25 Best Volleyball Actions

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Yeah I was bored. And I like to put things in slow motion. Footage from NAGVA, Siva, NACIVT, and hitting lines. All within the last 4-6 months. 2012 is coming so watch out. Latitude-Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Drake: Presented by Beatconector penuel josh barrina penueljoshbarrina

Konkurs Gwoździa Stal Nysa vs Bartosz Kurek

Z okazji 20 edycji WOŚP w Nysie rozegrany został mecz pomiędzy 'Dinozaurami' Stali a obecnymi zawodnikami Stali Nysa. Przed meczem zorganizowany został konkurs na siatkarskiego 'gwoździa' w którym udział wziął zawodnik Skry Bełchatów oraz Reprezentant Polski - Bartosz Kurek (reprezentujący drużynę Dinozaurów Stali).

TOP 10 Monsters of the Vertical Jump / Volleyball 2017 (HD)

TOP 10 Monsters of the Vertical Jump / Volleyball 2017 (HD) Instagram «Titans Volleyball»: Facebook «Titans Volleyball»: ВКонтакте «Titans Volleyball»: RUS Volleyball

Okay yes there are girl's nets being played on in this video. But not just girl's nets! Half of the video clips are on men's nets also.

I've noticed that my new Flip Ultra HD films pretty nice videos when on a tripod or filming when its very still, so adding the slow motion effect in with those clips makes everything look nice and smooth. Basically a video of what I have been doing thats volleyball related such as coaching, open gyms, playing in league tournaments and co-ed tournaments. Nets are at both men's and women's height, and also in the middle (co-ed).

If you're wondering, I'm 5'9 1/2, I weight about 146 lbs (at the time but now I'm about 156 lbs), and I really don't know my vertical. I never really cared to check but I'm always curious of what it is, also I never check just to keep it a mystery. :D

Beat: Touch The Sky-Anno Domini Beats

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