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NBA Most DISRESPECTFUL DEEP Three Pointers! ᴴᴰ - PART 1!!

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RECORD-BREAKING 7’10 Wingspan 👀|| Texas C Mo Bamba 2017-18 Highlights ᴴᴰ

Follow JBP on IG: (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Follow JBP on Twitter: Like JBP on Facebook: Texas C Mo Bamba Freshman 6’11 225 lbs Texas Freshman Mo Bamba measured in at the NBA Combine with a record-breaking seven foot ten wingspan. He definitely uses it to his advantage, as he blocks a lot of shots and makes crazy dunks. In just one season, Bamba threw down many posterizing dunks. He has one of the highest ceilings in the 2018 NBA Draft. Bamba is expected to be drafted in the Lottery along with fellow big men Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson and skillful guards like Luka Doncic, Trae Young & Collin Sexton. Expect to hear Bamba’s name called early on Draft Night. Check out my backup channel: Intro song: Subscribe to watch the best college football & basketball highlights. You'll see amazing catches, runs, kick & punt return touchdowns, hard hits, nasty jukes, etc. (All rights go to University of Texas at Austin, ESPN, xosdigitalsports, Texas Athletics, Longhorns Network, FOX Sports, Big 12 Digital Network, Big12Conference, Universal Music Group, the NCAA & it's broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment purposes only)

Lonzo Ball ALL 21 Three Pointers Since Returning From Injury - 50% SHOOTiNG! | FreeDawkins

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Stephen Curry Davidson NCAA Round 1 Highlights vs Gonzaga - 40 Pts, 8-3PM!

DRIBBLE UP SMART BASKETBALL - BoingVERT - Box Score To This Game - Frankie Vision Misc Channel - - 2017 NBA Mock Draft - - Want me to highlight your favorite team or Player? Let me know on.. Instagram - @frankie.Vision @ReBorn.HD FaceBook - Twitter - @rebornhdfilms ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -College Basketball Highlights - If i missed your Favorite player, friend or family member just let me know on twitter, IG or facebook. i will get their highlights (to date) for you to enjoy - Throwback footage - I will be posting Throwback clips on my page for now but in the future subscribe to frankie vision rewind for throwback clips.. if you have a player or game request let me know, i will share for your enjoyment. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ I DO NOT own clips or videos that i post of sports Highlights. All highlights or clips are property of the NBA, NCAA, ACC, NFL, SEC, ESPN , BroadbandTV NBA account, ETC.. All videos are edited following the "fair use" guideline of Youtube.

He COULDN'T Shoot Normally in High School Basketball But Became an NBA Star

Stephen Curry is an NBA Star, but couldn’t shoot in high school basketball. Stephen Curry the high school basketball player was too small and was not going to make the NBA. NBA Star Stephen Curry is one of the greatest shooters of all time, but he wasn’t always like that. In fact, every major D1 college rejected Curry. Why and how did he make the NBA? Today I wanted to talk about the time Steph Curry was in high school when he couldn’t shoot normally and was rejected by colleges, but became an NBA Star. Y’all been killing it with the support for these stories so let’s keep it going. Let me know in the comments if this inspired you and ideas for new story videos. Alright let’s get into it. Instagram- @mj2k_allday I’m shouting out new followers! Get your SportzCases here! - Promocode for 10% off: MJ2KALLDAY Stephen Curry was not the star high school basketball player. He was far from it. At the end of his sophomore year, Curry was 5’ 6”, 125 pounds. In other terms, he was a pipsqueak for basketball. Curry had this goal of making the NBA and was willing to put in the work, but it just seemed like he was too small. On top of that, he couldn’t shoot normally. Basketball players are supposed to be shooting from their head up. Curry didn’t have enough strength to shoot it from there and so he would shoot it from his waist. That means Curry could easily get blocked and because he was so small, he could also easily get bodied. Dell Curry, Steph’s father and one of the great NBA 3 point shooters, told Steph that it was necessary for him to shoot from his head up so for the entire summer before junior year, Steph worked on his shot. Steph’s brother would say that Curry would work day and night on his shot. His shot was broken down to the point where he couldn’t shoot 2 feet in front of the rim. He would cry some nights, frustrated at his inability to correct his shot. But something was happening to Curry. He was growing. In his junior year of high school basketball, Curry showed off his new shot and new height. He was finally shooting above his head and stood at 5’ 9”. He averaged just under 20 points per game, but it wasn’t enough. No division 1 college was sending offers his way. Being in Charlotte. Steph would say that you want to play for the Tar Heels, Duke, Wake Forest but Curry would never get that chance. Still, Curry was pretty optimistic, but then he got hit with a big blow. The only college that recruited Curry was his father’s college, Virginia Tech, and they told him that he would have to play as a walk-on or basically they have an open roster spot for people who try out and if he does good, he might make that spot. There’s no guarantee. That hurt Steph. Curry worked harder in the next summer and grew to 6 foot. Finally, he got an offer his senior year, from Davidson College. Davidson coach Bob McKillop thought he had found a player that could change the whole program around and man was he right. Curry would have games here and there his freshmen year of college, but Steph became a household name, a college star, his sophomore year of college where he led Davidson on a Cinderella story to the final 8. He led a sort of no name division 1 school the final 8 of the NCAA tournament. His junior year of college basketball, Curry led the whole nation in scoring and eventually declared for the draft. If you want a video on the Cinderella Story of Davidson, let me know in the comments down below. Curry changed his whole life around with hard work and some great genetics that allowed him to grow. It’s funny how Curry couldn’t shoot normally in high school basketball and now is an NBA Star who is possibly the best basketball shooter that ever lived. But what do you think? Is Curry the best shooter ever? Let me know in the comments down below. Drop a like if you liked this video. Let’s aim for 153 likes. The faster you hit that like button, the faster these stories come out. Give your ideas for the next story in the comments down below. Holidays Giveaway will be coming soon since we are so close to 25K. The instagram shout of the day goes to Ryan Mockler and the ALLDAY notification squad shout out goes to TaeGaming. Thanks for the ALLDAY support. Make sure to hit the bell for ALLDAY notifications and if you’re not a sub, hit that subscribe button to join the ALLDAY community for more fire content and ALLDAY support. It’s ya boi MJ. We Out! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "He Was The UNDERDOG That Took OVER College Basketball" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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