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Gregory Salcido full public response - No real apology -- 13 Feb 2018 - from council Meeting

Gregory Salcido -- Full Video -- rebuttal -- reply -- appears in public -- Veterans - council meeting He's so full of himself and trying to pass the blame on the people in the room. He's the one who made the anti-military comments, in his classroom. It's not the 1st time this guy has been investigated for "other than honorable" comments or things he's done in the classroom. It's all about HIM......no mention of what he said in the recorded video/audio from his classroom. No rebuttal to it....he just tries to bullshit his way around it. If he did have family in the military (great uncles...whatever), then he wouldn't be bashing the military the way he did. Fire Gregory Salcido TURD

If it were not FILMED, no one would BELIEVE IT | Videos you will not believe

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Lake Mead- Las Vegas Marina

Going out on Lake Mead with Ricky and Ira. we cruise around the lake and hit up all the hot spots including the Hoover Dam and the Wishing well cove, and the beach. The water was cool but refreshing in the summer heat.

Mother Earth Born Blonde - Beer Review - Grass Volleyball - Bloopers - Tshirt

Mother Earth Born Blonde - Beer Review - Grass Volleyball - Bloopers - Tshirt Mother Earth -- https://www.motherearthbrewco.com/ Mother Rucker USA -- http://www.motherruckerusa.com/

Lone Mountain Hike 31 Dec 2017 - Las Vegas - Beer

Mother Rucker U.S.A. http://www.motherruckerusa.com/

Great day to climb Lone Mountain today. The trail is pretty well worn but it is pretty steep in spots. Watch out for loose gravel especially coming down (I watched some lady bust her ass a few times in a row). It will probably take "fit" people about 20 min to climb. I rested a few times going up (and took my asthma inhaler) so it took me about 30 min from the bottom to top (45 min from my front door to the top).


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