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TENNIS SERVE | How To Hit A Kick Serve Easily

Kick Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your kick serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes... Do you? In today video i would like to go over Kick serve. I see so many times, player struggling to find their rhythm on kick serve, therefore i decided to put this video in order that you as well can hit your kick serve easily. Visit to get more free tennis tips. -- Take this Serve Survey to discover the #1 hidden serve mistake you're probably making on your serve! Visit Follow Tennis Evolution: ======== Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: https:/// My Website: About Jeff Salzenstein ================= Jeff Salzenstein is recognized as one of the top coaches in the world helping players all over the world with his on court expertise and powerful online tennis lessons. He has created several successful online programs that have positively impacted thousands of players of all levels from beginners to top touring pros using his cutting edge teaching methods... Jeff was a top 100 ATP professional in singles and doubles and was the oldest American to ever break the top 100 in the world after the age of 30. During his 11 year pro career filled with injuries and setbacks, Jeff was determined to discover simple methods to make tennis learning easy and fun for himself and for all players committed to improving. Jeff is passionate about peak performance in the areas of nutrition, fitness, injury prevention, and mindset, and much more. Jeff was also a 2 time All-American, national champion and team captain at Stanford University where he received his BA in Economics.

Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machines

Fun video describes Silent Partner tennis ball machines. Ball machine features are demonstrated. Video is posted by the Silent Partner company.

How To Keep Your Eye On The Ball In Tennis Watching the ball or keeping your head still at contact is one of the most common coaching advice in tennis and yet almost no recreational tennis players are able to do it. I believe that one needs to first remove the obstacles to keeping your head still and only then can this skill be acquired. I know of 3 mental blocks and one physical. You may look up before contact because you want to see where your opponent is going. You may also look up because you want to see where the target is. You may also look up because the rotation of your body is pulling your head up. And of course, you may not trust your ability to hit targets without looking at them so again you want to look up to be sure. Unless you deal with these obstacles, you won't be able to keep your eye on the ball and maintain a still head while hitting the ball.

Spinshot Comparison

This video compares the features of our current lineup. To purchase a new Spinshot tennis ball machine or find out more, please use our website: UK - US -

Tennis - Top UNIQUE Styles That Only They Have

This is the special vid I want to show you. In the tennis world, there are a lot of strange styles, with my limited knowledge. These are things I know. Hope you enjoy!

We tested Tennis Tutor Ball machine in New York City. There was even ice on the court but we didn't mind. Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions.

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