Tennis Tutor Player Plus Ball Machine Hands on Review-Partner to play?

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Tennis Tutor ProLite - My Review!

I got a ball machine for Christmas and this was my first attempt at using it! It was fun and pretty easy to use.



Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinfire Pro 2 is a revolutionary new ball machine providing unique features not offered by similar machines. Most notably, Spinfire offers internal oscillation generally only seen on more expensive machines. Its stylish design allows for a 200 ball capacity while also being extremely portable and compact for storage...

Tennis ball machine Plus Player by Sports Tutor in action

This is my Plus player tennis ball machine it sets up quickly, I push only 2 buttons in player mode and the machine does the rest.

5 Best Ball Machine Drills

Click For Free Video: 5 Best Ball Machine Drills The Ball Machine is one of the best self training aides there is. If you have one, or are planning to get one, we have some of the best ball machine drills for you to practice. These drills together cover a wide range of the motions, movements, and accuracy of your strokes. Tie together our instruction, while improving coordination, speed, and control. We go all over the court in this one; working on backhands and forehands, accuracy and level; with all the tips included. Try your best to get through all of these drills in a single practice session. Keep score and continuously beat your records. Pay attention to the tips and dominate your session. Expand your athleticism and gain all the confidence as you work through these 5 best ball machine drills. I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis. Clay Ballard Click Here to Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Twitter:

We tested Tennis Tutor Ball machine in New York City. There was even ice on the court but we didn't mind. Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions.

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