Román González vs. Moisés Fuentes Today Boxing Fight Match Highlights

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This is Román González vs. Moisés Fuentes Today Boxing Fight Match Highlights my new video:-
It seemed like Gonzalez was going to retire, I think he should have done, but obviously he's not retiring yet, might be good to see him fight again. Gonzalez is a truly great fighter, 4 weight world champion, 16 world title wins, at one point, a lot of people ranked him the best boxer in the world, but after winning 46/46, he took on a dangerous fighter, lost a close decision, in a very close fight he survived being dropped and hurt in round 1, fought tooth and nail, but not only lost, but took a massive amount of damage having already had 46 fights, and in the rematch, he looked poor, mentally unstable for 3 rounds, and was then brutally knocked out cold in round 4. Gonzalez is 31, he's not young at all for a grown flyweight, and he looked shot in his last fight, I think he is very old for his age, his all action style did make some of fights gruelling even though he won and was impressive. Gonzalez might have benefited from the rest, wear and tear and punch resistance wise, that is, and 31 is not that old for any weight, he might have a little bit left in the tank, and if any fighter can get away with a break, not suffer from ring rust, it is experienced fighters, but still, a whole year out is much longer than ideal. Gonzalez was supposed to fight Guevara in May, that didn't happen for some reason, I think Guevara is better than Fuentes, which suggests Gonzalez will benefit from the change of plan, but 9 months should have been more than enough rest time, and the extra 3 months is just more inactivity, more ring rust, and even more importantly, we know from his last 3 fights, a loss and a very hard fought victory, that moving up to 115 was a mistake, he carried the weight built up from 105, to 108, to 112 well, but when it came to 115, maybe he did the weight wrong, but definitely to an extent, and maybe completely, he isn't really big enough for super fly, fly?, yes, super fly?, no, Gonzalez was going to fight Guevara at 112, which would have benefitted him, but staying at 115, I think is the wrong move.
Fuentes is good, been a world champion, won the WBO at 105 when he beat Raul Garcia in 2011, defended it twice, beat Ivan Calderon, drew with Donnie Nietes before losing the rematch, he's a good fighter, but he has 5 losses, his last fight was against Daigo Higa, in February, he was knocked out in 1 round. Fuentes has lost 3 of his last 4 fights, he lost to Tanaka at the end of 2016, he was stopped, and it was a bit of a mismatch I think, he then lost an MD to Ulises Lara, but knocked him out in 1 round the rematch, and then of course he lost to Higa. Fuentes's form hasn't been great, his last 3 world title fights havs been stoppage losses, this is not a world title fight, I don't think there is even a title at stake, but can Fuentes beat or come close to beating a fighter of Gonzalez's calibre (even with Gonzalez's defeats and inactivity circumstances) based on him being stopped by Nietes and then stopped by Tanaka and Higa in mismatches? Fuentes is 5'6-7, he was a giant strawweight, he probably really struggled to make 105 and couldn't when he fought Nietes, but he was good at 108. Fuentes has been all over the place weight wise in the past few years, he has been at 108, but also as high as 122, this fight is at 115, so a balance, his last fight was at 112, but he has been at this weight twice, above it twice as well, and being so tall, he should be strong at 115, but still, he has not been consistent, and when you keep going up and down in weight, it isn't great.
Fuentes is 30, slightly younger than Gonzalez, is he fresher?, he might be, but he has been knocked out a few times of course, he is coming off a knockout loss as well as Gonzalez, he has taken quite a lot of damage in his career. I think the weight works in Fuentes's favour, I think he's stronger at 115 than Gonzalez. Although he is less active, and at a probable slight weight disadvantage, I think Gonzalez is still a level above Fuentes, he's had the more successful career, won a lot more world title fights, has beaten the better fighters overall even though Fuentes beat Calderon, has less losses, he was more consistent at his best, and I think he is still the far better fighter.

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