CCM JetSpeed FT370 Pant Review

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CCM JetSpeed FT390 Pant Review

IW Hockey reviews the CCM JetSpeed FT390 Ice Hockey Pants. Available at The CCM JetSpeed FT390 Pants boast elite-level protection, mobility and comfort at a less-than-elite price. Through the kidney, hips and lower thighs; CCM used thick MD foam with ribbed PE inserts for serious impact protection. Internally, the dual-zone liner with DryFoam technology provides next-level moisture-management and comfort due to its hydrophobic liner and the perforated DryFoam design.

New Skate Prep: Why you Should Bake New Skates

It's common for hockey players to get pain in their feet after buying new hockey skates. Bauer sent me a brand new pair so I thought I'd do a series of videos on how to get new skates fitting properly and eliminate as much pain as possible. In this video I visit a local hockey shop and talk to Glen Sharpley who has fitted and sharpened thousands of pairs of skates. In the next video we will talk about foot beds and in the last video we will cover profiling hockey skates. Want to improve your hockey skills? We have videos for that! LEARN TO SHOOT - 5 video series: LEARN TO ICE SKATE: 11 videos STICKHANDLING GUIDE: SHOOTING APP: DEFENSE 101: JOIN ME ONLINE Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a video Get hockey training aids at HockeyShot: More Hockey Training:

CCM JetSpeed FT1 Pant, Super Tacks Pant & Super Tacks Girdle Insight

Chase from IW Hockey and Charles from CCM Hockey discuss the key technologies and differences between the JetSpeed FT1 Pants, the Super Tacks Pants and the Super Tacks Girdles. Learn more here -

CCM Super Tacks Pant Review

IW Hockey reviews the CCM Super Tacks Ice Hockey Pant. Available at ?&utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=fromdescrip&utm_campaign=Review_Videos The CCM Super Tacks Ice Hockey Pants offer excellent pro-level protection, once again bringing CCM's rate-sensitive D3O foam to the table. The all-important hip pads are structured with CCM's JDP molded plastic and reinforced with D3O for excellent low-energy and high-energy impact absorption. Above the waist, the Super Tacks feature a molded PE kidney guard backed with medium-density foam. The shell is composed of premium nylon with rugged reinforcement panels in the high-abrasion areas.

CCM JetSpeed FT390 Elbow Pad Review

IW Hockey reviews the CCM JetSpeed FT390 Hockey Elbow Pad Available at The CCM JetSpeed FT390 Elbow Pads boast elite-level protection, mobility and comfort but are available at a more affordable price. The forearm guard utilizes nearly 360-degree PE insert reinforcement for maximum coverage, while the DryFoam topping prevents the pad from absorbing water and getting heavier. The FT390's bicep has been totally redesigned too. It has a new PE outer shell for an excellent boost in protection while the new, unique arched strap provides next-level security and comfort.

IW Hockey reviews the CCM JetSpeed FT370 Ice Hockey Pants.
Available at

The CCM JetSpeed FT370 Pants offer good protection and durability for the entry to the intermediate level player. The base of the pant boasts thick foams with injected PE inserts that keep players covered from top to bottom. The exterior of the FT370 utilizes a tough 400D nylon with strategically placed stretch gussets for maximum mobility.

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