Bauer Team Flex Pant and Jacket Line Insight

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WHAT'S IN MY HOCKEY BAG? Tier 1 AAA Hockey (2018)

What's in my hockey bag? A lot of you guys have been requesting this video so here you go!! Follow me on instagram! {} Gear: Helmet - Shoulder Pads - Elbow Pads - Pants - Knee Pads - Skates - Thanks for watching todays video! Feel free to leave a like and subscribe! I am always open to video ideas that you guys have, so leave them down below! --------


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Cheap hockey skates VS expensive skates - What's the difference

New video. Must Watch - Get your hockey skates - Subscribe - Cheap hockey skates vs expensive skates. What is the real difference? Hockeytutorial custom jerseys - Buy your Supreme 1S - Stay connected! Snap Chat: Hockeytutorial Website -

Behind the Gear: Sticks

Jody Shelley takes a look "Behind the Gear" of Blue Jackets players.

Hockey Warm Up 🏒 - Do This Before Hockey Games - Get our Hockey Training Programs here! In this video we show you a great warm up for before hockey games or practices. This is something you will want to do right before you start getting dressed for your game. Here's the full hockey warm up: 1: A-Skips x 10yds there and back 2: B-Skips x 10yds there and back 3: Bodyweight explosive pause squats x 10 (1sec pause at the bottom) 4: Hip Circles x 10 in each direction 5: Cossacks Squats x 8/leg 6: Iron Cross x 8/side 7. 20 Jumping Jacks If you like these type of hockey training videos make sure you hit that thumbs up button! *Technically these A and B skips are B and C skips, but we will just call them A and B skips to avoid confusion! Train Hard, Kevin

Chase from IW Hockey chats with Bauer's Team Apparel Product Manager, Justin, about their Team Flex Lineup. Available at

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