Wildcat SSG (Find, Use, Create)

Author channel Matt Hackenberg   8 мес. назад

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Second Cuts (Find, Use Create)

How players react to penetration is a skill and habit that coaches need to be aware of and teach. In this video we look at the concept of second cuts, another layer of "the offense within the offense." Second cuts take place once penetration has come to a stop, and the offense begins to move an space to continue attacking the defense. Email me with questions - matth@hackenberg.biz

Protection Plans (Find, Use, Create)

When we drive the ball, we intend to score or at least get a shot off but the majority of the time that doesn't happen. In this video we explore some of the concepts to transfer the ball, explore the defense and come to controlled stops on neutralized penetration attempts. We call them protection plans, and we consider them a part of the "offense within the offense."

Shot/Drive Read Progression (Find, Use, Create)

This video breaks down the footwork technique and reads we teach on a perimeter catch. We want players to read the defense and make a decision before they catch the ball to avoid holding it. Once an advantage has been created, we need to use it or transfer it and these our the methods on how we do that. Email with questions - matth@hackenberg.biz

High Flat Screen #EuroOffenseTips

See more tips like this in "Wave - The Complete Guide to the Euro Ball Screen Offense" at the link below. https://sellfy.com/p/8JOh/ High flat screens can be difficult to defend because the player defending the screener has to drop, giving the ball handler a full head of steam, or choose a side, which allows the ball handler to use that to his advantage. We've had success using the flat ball screen to vary our screen angle from a side ball screen, and to attack extended pressure.

Low Back Screen STS - Screening Continuity Offense

This offense was implemented to help incorporate constant screening and cutting into a continuity offense. There are options to score on cuts, post ups, down screening and slips. We've found wrinkles and set plays from within the base offense that have been effective. Share feedback to: Matth@hackenberg.biz

We commonly use a small sided game (SSG) in the offseason which we call "Wildcat" to work on our offense within the offense - decision making, stopping footwork, penetration reaction, shot/drive read, etc. The name comes from Brian McCormick's SSG concept in his skill development book. We believe is SSG's as a way to teach the game through mistakes and constraints that has a higher rate of transfer from practice to the a game. Starting players with an advantage promotes players having to make decisions. Starting players in a neutral state forces them to find solutions to create an advantage.

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