STX Stallion HPR Stick Review

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STX Stallion 700 Lacrosse Head Review 4K

STX Stallion 700 - Check out the BEST PRICE, User Reviews, and Q&A on Amazon with these links - STX Stallion 700 White - STX Stallion 700 Black - Today we review the STX Stallion 700 lacrosse head The Stallion 700 is the 3rd iteration on the Stallion line up and it’s by far the most advanced head in the line up This 2017 offering from STX is NCAA and HS legal Starting with the face shape it's very balanced, just like a midfielder head should be. It’s easy to catch with and holds on to ball very well. SCOOP - The stallion 700 features there new speed scoop. As you can see the top lip is rounded off similar to the Under Armour heads. Even at awkward angles ground balls are basically effortless Also lower back side of the scoop is carved out which protects your topstring from abrasion. Just like the previous models the head has the classic dual sidewall braces which help keep the head stiff. The sidewall rail features C- Channel which mimics an I Beam, just like on a steel I Beam this technology reduces weight while maintaining stiffness and strength The Stallion 700 Features a newly designed throat. It’s now stronger and ergonomically shaped. The head also retains the dual screw holes from the 550 which when both used with help prevent head wobble. For stringing there are 6 good sized top string holes that will be big enough for the leathers, the center 2 are spaced pretty far apart so a perfectly centered 9 diamond topstring can be tricky to pull off. There are 14 sidewall holes that go all they down the head, they are also pretty big so you can put multiple strings through each hole. Also there are 4 well sized and spaced bottom string holes that will be big enough for leathers. I have two Stallion 700's, the White one is string with Stringers Shack G3 Ultralight Mesh and the Black one is strung with semi hard STX Memory mesh, both have mid pockets. The Stallion 700 comes in 4.9 Oz which is just lighter than the Stallion U 550 at 5.1 Oz Overall the head is pretty stiff, I think it is stiff enough for close D, but the Hammer 500 would still be a better choice. The head has held its stiffness during the past months both in cold and warmer weather. The lateral stiffness is pretty good and I don't think this head will be prone to hourglassing. From top to bottom it's extremely stiff just like the Hammer 500 which is good for poke checks The Stallion 700 is to wide and to stiff for faceoffs so I’d go with another head if plan to take faceoffs The head is catered to mostly 2 Way middies but this head is plenty capable of being used on a long pole. The Stallion 700 is also a good choice for Attackmen that prefer higher pockets or that like to shoot from the outside. When it comes to the Stallion 700 I really only have good things to say, Overall the Stallion 700 is one of the best heads on the Market, it comes at $90 which is $10 dollars cheaper than the predecessor. This a truly a high end offering, Its stiff, durable, light, and easy to string. With that said I would absolutely recommend the Stallion 700 Lacrosse head Instagram - @MakoSports Business Inquirys - CAMERA GEAR (Please use the links below as they help Mako Sports) Current Camera - Camera Lens 1 - Camera Lens 2 - Camera Lens 3 - Optomax 135mm F2.8 ZOMEi Variable ND Filters for filming outside Camera Bag - SD Cards - AUDIO Microphone 1 - Microphone 2 - Lav for Microphone 2 - Voice Recorder (Voice Overs) - External Monitor - SHOULDER RIG Cage - Ikan overfly - Top Handle - Tilta Handle - Rosette Handle - Rosette Handles - Rosette Rod Clamp - Rails - TRIPOD Legs - Fluid Head - Bowl Mount - LIGHTING Aputure AL M9 Amaran - (2) GIGALUMI W228 - 5 X 7 Pop up/collapsible 2 sided backdrop WHITE and BLACK FORMER CAMERA GEAR Audio Recorder - Recorder Mic 2 - Canon Vixia HF G40 (May 10th 2016 - October 2nd 2016) Canon Vixia HF G20 (December 8th 2015 - May 9th 2016) Editing Software Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Adobe Lightroom Adobe Audition Davinci Resolve Thumbnails

STX Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick On-Ice Review

Available at IW Hockey reviews the STX Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick on the ice! The STX Surgeon RX2 Grip Stick showcases exciting technology and material placements that have never been seen in a stick to date. The first and most dramatic change is the PureGrip shaft shape. After significant research and in-person, STX came up with a whole new take on how a shaft should be shaped and should feel in the hands. Unlike every other stick on the market, the Surgeon RX2's bottom portion of the shaft was built to maximize contact between a player's hand and the shaft, thus optimizing stick feel and control. There is an initial shock factor once it is first picked up but once a player settles into the new shaft shape, the enhanced control will be felt. Also new to the hockey market is a dual-weave blade wrap. Traditionally, most sticks utilize the same carbon fiber on both the forehand and backhand but this Surgeon RX2 features 3K carbon on the forehand and 18K carbon on the back. This allows STX to provide excellent puck feel and pop on the forehand where players need it, but the 18K allows them to remove excess weight without comprising performance elsewhere. This dual-weave protects an all-new blade core for the Surgeon Line. STX gave the RX2 their Quad-Core construction that uses four carbon reinforced support ribs that run heel to toe. Between these are high-performance, featherlight foams that all work together to further enhance puck feel, responsiveness and deadly accuracy.

STX Surgeon RX2 Stick // On-Ice Review

STX's new stick, the RX2, exceeded our expectations and really lived up to the hype. Come check it out with us! And then grab it here: FIND A STORE NEAR YOU - VISIT THE WEBSITE - DOWNLOAD THE APP -

STX Surgeon 500 Hockey Stick Monkey Minute -- STX Surgeon 500 Stick -- Designed to serve as a precision instrument, Terry from HockeyMonkey highlights the features of this high performance stick. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions regarding this product: or Join the conversation Twitter - @hockeymonkey Facebook - /hockeymonkeycom Instagram - @hockeymonkey

CCM RBZ Revolution Stick // On-Ice Review with Ryan from CCM // Montreal

Find out about CCM's new revolutionary faceplate technology! More Smash Factor = More Power! Online Pre-Sale Date is July 12th, 2016. Launch Date is August 12th, 2016. FIND A STORE NEAR YOU - VISIT THE WEBSITE - DOWNLOAD THE APP -

Available at
IW Hockey reviews the STX Stallion HPR Hockey Stick.

The STX Stallion HPR Grip Stick is the flagship model in the Stallion Line, offering devastating shot power with one of the highest balance points in the game today. One way STX accomplished this was with their new PureBlade Power blade construction that removes weight and simultaneously improves shot power and puck feel.

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