STX Stallion HPR Stick Review

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How to Bake Your Hockey Skates at Home

To get a more customizable fit and to decrease break-in time, people bake their skates. We show you how to do it in the comfort of your home! View all of our hockey skates at

CCM RBZ FT1 Stick Review

Available at IW Hockey reviews the CCM RBZ FT1 Hockey Stick Review. The CCM RBZ FT1 Stick is the most powerful, accurate and balanced RBZ it its six generation's history. CCM accomplished this with their new FacePlate FT1 technology that is more rigid, more efficient at energy transfer, and weighs 10 grams less the previous RBZ Revolution.

STX Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick On-Ice Review

Available at IW Hockey reviews the STX Surgeon RX2 Hockey Stick on the ice! The STX Surgeon RX2 Grip Stick showcases exciting technology and material placements that have never been seen in a stick to date. The first and most dramatic change is the PureGrip shaft shape. After significant research and in-person, STX came up with a whole new take on how a shaft should be shaped and should feel in the hands. Unlike every other stick on the market, the Surgeon RX2's bottom portion of the shaft was built to maximize contact between a player's hand and the shaft, thus optimizing stick feel and control. There is an initial shock factor once it is first picked up but once a player settles into the new shaft shape, the enhanced control will be felt. Also new to the hockey market is a dual-weave blade wrap. Traditionally, most sticks utilize the same carbon fiber on both the forehand and backhand but this Surgeon RX2 features 3K carbon on the forehand and 18K carbon on the back. This allows STX to provide excellent puck feel and pop on the forehand where players need it, but the 18K allows them to remove excess weight without comprising performance elsewhere. This dual-weave protects an all-new blade core for the Surgeon Line. STX gave the RX2 their Quad-Core construction that uses four carbon reinforced support ribs that run heel to toe. Between these are high-performance, featherlight foams that all work together to further enhance puck feel, responsiveness and deadly accuracy.

Golden Knights win in the shootout

David Perron scored a beauty in the shootout and Erik Haula completed the Golden Knights' comeback, beating Robin Lehner to give Vegas the victory For the latest hockey action, subscribe to our channel by clicking the big, red shiny SUBSCRIBE button Watch live hockey wherever you are: Breaking news, scores, stats, analysis & real-time highlights: Feeling social? Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

CCM JetSpeed Stick Review

Pre-sale starts June 22nd and launches on July 20th. IW Hockey reviews the CCM JetSpeed Hockey Stick. Available at The CCM JetSpeed Stick was designed to give player's a next-level advantage from any spot on the ice with the new JetStream blade and the Hybrid Kick Point. The patented multi-channel blade core utilizes a vibration dampening layer on the front, producing some of the best puck feel, control and consistency this line has ever seen.

Available at
IW Hockey reviews the STX Stallion HPR Hockey Stick.

The STX Stallion HPR Grip Stick is the flagship model in the Stallion Line, offering devastating shot power with one of the highest balance points in the game today. One way STX accomplished this was with their new PureBlade Power blade construction that removes weight and simultaneously improves shot power and puck feel.

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