(TAS) Wii Sports Baseball: 99-0 :Max Score Possible【Full Game】

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**Please note this is NOT A CONTINUOUS RUN** A while back I wanted to make a video of the 18 holes in Wii Sports Resort (9 classic and 9 resort holes) that showed the best possible score on each hole (NOT a continuous round). Well, after trying a few months ago, I still failed to get an albatross/double eagle on hole 3 and 9 on the resort course. However, I do have a perfect score on each of the 9 classic holes making what would be a -22 run if it were done in one continuous round (probably humanly impossible, but who knows). These results are mostly from different rounds (holes 2 and 3 were in the same round, as were holes 7 and 9) and was put together just for entertainment purposes. I actually had this video completed months ago, but was holding out hope of finishing the perfect scores on the resort course. The hole by hole breakdown is as follows: Hole 1 - Eagle (-2) Hole 2 - Hole in One (-2) Hole 3 - Albatross (-3) Hole 4 - Hole in One (-2) Hole 5 - Albatross (-3) Hole 6 - Eagle (-2) Hole 7 - Hole in One (-3) Hole 8 - Hole in One (-2) Hole 9 - Albatross (-3) Total Score 14 strokes (-22)

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(HD) Wii Sports Resort - (5) Table Tennis Match: vs Champion Lucia + All Stamps

WATCH IN 1080p 60fps!! In this video, I'll be playing Table Tennis Match, and obtain all 5 stamps! (check the description for a detailed explanation on how to obtain these stamps.) 0:56 vs Cole (1st and 2nd Stamps) 2:52 vs Shinnosuke (Road to Pro Class) 4:25 vs Misaki (4th Stamp: Tied 20-20) 7:38 vs Shohei (Match before Champion) 9:17 vs Champion Lucia (3rd and 5th Stamps / Champion Match) Table Tennis Match: Score 6 points first to win. Try angling your paddle to put spin on the ball. Probably had the most fun with this sport than the others. Real table tennis is just as fun! -- Stamps: In Your Face: (Obtained at 1:23 // Examples: 2:29 - 2:40) Smash the ball in a CPU's Face. When an opponent rolls/slips, they make some sort of surprised impression (yellow over their head). This is when you can smash the ball which can hit them in the face if you have good aim, and if they don't attempt to hit hit the ball. Back From the Brink: (Obtained at 2:01) Successfully return a ball that hits the edge of the table and bounces at an unpredictable angle, making it harder to hit. The Champion tends to aim the edge a lot. You need to react fast for this stamp. Epic Rally: (Obtained at 12:10) Hit the ball back and forth without stopping for 30 or more hit straight. Perfectly Matched: (Obtained at 7:15) Draw with a CPU and get a score of 20-20. I would do this stamp on a fast/ good CPU and in an 11-point match. Hold 2 while you choose your Mii to change the game to an 11-point match that goes much faster! To make the process faster, score a point, then give a CPU a point, and repeat this process. Table Titan: (Obtained at 12:52) Defeat Lucia, the Table Tennis champion in a match. You face her at a level around 1500. "The key to ending Lucia's reign of terror is top spin, tight angles (early swings), and force. Your swings should be huge for this match, and almost vertical. This will not only cause your ball to go fast, but to stick to the court. A top-spun ball is magnetically attracted to the court at almost any angle" -IGN -- Wii Sports Resort Playlist (NEW): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gwtt1vd0gTk4XbMKmwab8SHe4NovX0u Menu Screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgEcZ7SnG7U Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdriaanGaming64



PLEASE CHECK THE FAQ BELOW FOR ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. (Chances are, your question is probably answered here)

- Game starts at 0:32
- Sped up game play starts at 2:00

Since I was curious about how many runs are possible to score in this game, I used TAS to find the answer. Because this video was originally around 33 minutes long from start to finish, I shortened it to a relatively short, 9. Enjoy.

1. Wii Sports/ Mii Channel Trap Remix-
2. Wario's Gold Mine (MKWii)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm_-vcOEFmM
3. Koopa Kape (MKWii)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVjh8eKVSKM
4. Wii Sports Baseball Training- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRYh8Eg4oY8


-HOW DID YOU DO THIS? This was done using TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun/Tool Assisted Superplay). This involves using Dolphin Emulator on the computer with tools that come along with it. These allow me to slow down the game speed, save spots that I can redo if needed, and so on.

-DID YOU USE TAS IN ORDER TO CHEAT? No. TAS is meant to be used for the purpose of pushing the limits of video games beyond what normal players can achieve. When TAS is used to get a legitimate world record or to compare to normal game play, it is considered cheating. That was not my purpose here.

-IS THIS THE WORLD RECORD? No, because I used TAS in order to make this. However, this is the most (and maximum) amount of runs recorded in Wii Sports Baseball, regardless of if it is a TAS or not.

-WHY WAS THERE NO MERCY RULE WHEN YOU WERE UP TO BAT? In order for a mercy rule to happen, both teams must have a chance to get up to bat, and one team must be at least 5 runs ahead of the other. That is why the mercy rule did not happen until the other team got a chance to bat.

-WHY DID THEY DROP THE BALL SO MUCH? Every time I hit the ball to one of the computers, there is a small chance that they will drop it. Because of this, I was able to redo each hit until they made an error, resulting in a single each time.

-IS THIS POSSIBLE WITHOUT TAS? Although I said earlier that this is possible if you are very lucky, I take that back. The odds of getting 99+ hits in a row without getting 3 outs is basically none. Sometimes, the game randomly makes you either hit a ground ball or a fly ball as well, resulting in an automatic out (unless the computers make an error of course)

-WHY DIDN'T YOU HIT HOME RUNS EVERY TIME? As I said before, the game is pretty random about where the ball is hit off the bat. This means that I would have to take a lot of pitches in order to get the one I need to hit a home run. Doing this would be super annoying and would take a very long time, as well as making the game drag out longer. I didn't want to go to the work of hitting home runs every time if the ending goal is the same either way.

-HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE? A total of around 3 hours of actual game play. It should have only taken around 1.5 hours but the first recording got messed up, and I had to do the whole thing over again. If you include the game play, recording, and editing, I would say the total time was around 4.5 hours. But that's just a rough guess.

-WHY DID YOU PICK THE EASIEST OPPONENT? In order to play a harder opponent, I would have had to play like 15 games in the first place to gain a lot of skill level. This would just be a waste of time. I didn't just "choose" the easiest opponent to make the video easier to make.

-WHY DOES THE BAT JUST STICK OUT HORIZONTALLY THE ENTIRE TIME? I would have had to configure motion controls to be able to move the bat from that default position. Also, the motion in dolphin emulator is really inconsistent and hard to use.

-WHY IS THERE NO MUSIC OF THE ACTUAL GAME? I tried to record the audio along with the video, but it did not sync correctly during editing. This means that you all get trap remixes and Mario Kart Wii music. (Sorry, or you're welcome depending on how you feel about it)

Anyone still here? lol

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