5 Out Circle Motion Continuity Offense

Author channel Matt Hackenberg   11 мес. назад

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Low Back Screen STS - Screening Continuity Offense

This offense was implemented to help incorporate constant screening and cutting into a continuity offense. There are options to score on cuts, post ups, down screening and slips. We've found wrinkles and set plays from within the base offense that have been effective. Share feedback to: Matth@hackenberg.biz

Use the 1-4 Press Break to Beat Any Pressure Defense!

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Cone and Tennis Ball Drill to Teach Circle Movement

Backdoor offense (wheel motion 1-4 high set)

5 Out Motion Offense

Former Evans High and Edgewater (Orlando, FL) Coach Matt Turner. Please email matthew.turner@ocps.net if you have questions or comments regarding this offense. Please follow our new Twitter Page, @fiveoutmotion. Thanks for watching!

The Circle Motion is an easy offense to implement and provides opportunities to score from screening and cutting. The simplicity is what I like about the offense the most.

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