Boxing's Best Fights Of 2018! Pt 1

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Boxing's Must-See Fights! Pt 4

SmB Boxing Presents Boxing's Must-See Fights (Part Four) YOUTUBE: TWITTER:

Leopard Vs Warthog: African Wildlife In Action!

An incredible sighting of the Torchwood male leopard subduing a warthog next to our vehicle! Male leopards seem to prefer preying on warthogs and can often be spotted near a warthog burrow. In this case we spotted the Torchwood male leopard sitting on top of a termitarium well known for warthog activity, as we approached the spot a family of warthog burst from cover before the cameras were even ready! Torchwood male leopard is very experienced when it comes to catching warthogs and you can see how he subdues the warthog by severing the brachial artery in the axial area of the front leg staying away from the dangerous warthog tusks. The sighting is graphic at this point as the leopard ends the screaming warthog. The warthog did not take long to expire leaving the leopard time to clean up from the safe vantage point of the termitarium. The squealing of the warthog could have attracted the attention of other predators so moving to a good vantage point was a wise safety move on the leopards part. Later we returned to find the leopard having a drink at a nearby waterhole, watched by giraffe and hippo. After quenching his thirst the leopard retrned to his warthog meal and started to feed. The leopard seemed reluctant to move the warthog to the safety of a tree and eventually later at nighttime a hyena stole the warthog from the leopard and ran off with it. Filmed in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa Filmed in 4K UHD resolution using the Sony AX100 video camera Subscribe for more great wildlife clips: #Wildlife #Safari #Africa ROB THE RANGER WILDLIFE VIDEOS on Social Networks: TWITTER: BLOG: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: TUMBLR: #YouTubeSSA #SAYouTubers #YouTubeZA Follow #nowfilming on social networks for LIVE photo updates Please consider buying a T-shirt or hoodie to support the channel: Official Merchandise Store: Book A Safari at or email Wild Extracts Safaris

Car FAILS - Bad Driving Skills November 2018 #261 Crazy Drivers

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Top 25 Fastest Boxers That Will Never Be Forgotten

Check out these rapid speedsters as BLTV counts down the top 25 fastest fighters that will never be forgotten.


Highlights of Fedor Emelianenko's legendary career. Fedor is one of the greatest heavyweight mixed martial artists of all time. Most of these fights are from Pride, Strikeforce and Rings mma promotions. They do not follow a chronological order in this clip and are as follows: 1. Fedor vs Jaideep 2. Fedor vs Fujita 00:27 3. Fedor vs Goodridge 00:53 4. Fedor vs Zuluzinho 01:36 5. Fedor vs Arlovski 01:57 6. Fedor vs Monson 02:02 7. Fedor vs Hunt 03:53 8. Fedor vs Rogers 04:18 9. Fedor vs Coleman 05:05 10. Fedor vs Cro Cop 06:01 11. Fedor vs Choi Hong-man 07:55 12. Fedor vs Nogueira 08:11 13. Fedor vs Kohsaka 2 10:32 14. Fedor vs Ishii 11:32 15. Fedor vs Rizzo 11:40 16. Fedor vs Lindland 12:00 17. Fedor vs Ogawa 12:16 18. Fedor vs Maldonado 12:47 19. Fedor vs Randleman 14:32 20. Fedor vs Nagata 14:54 21. Fedor vs Valavicius 15:16 22. Fedor vs Herring 15:41 23. Fedor vs Haseman 16:37 24. Fedor vs Hasdell 16:54 25. Fedor vs Yanagisawa 17:26 26. Fedor vs Sobral 17:48 27. Fedor vs Schall 18:32 28. Fedor vs Apostolov 19:02 29. Fedor vs Takada 19:20 30. Fedor vs Lagvilava 19:27 31. Fedor vs Lazarov 20:01

SmB Boxing Presents Boxing's Best Fights of 2018 (Part One)


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