How to Find Your Hockey Skate Size & Fit at Home

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New Skate Prep: Why you Should Bake New Skates

It's common for hockey players to get pain in their feet after buying new hockey skates. Bauer sent me a brand new pair so I thought I'd do a series of videos on how to get new skates fitting properly and eliminate as much pain as possible. In this video I visit a local hockey shop and talk to Glen Sharpley who has fitted and sharpened thousands of pairs of skates. In the next video we will talk about foot beds and in the last video we will cover profiling hockey skates. Want to improve your hockey skills? We have videos for that! LEARN TO SHOOT - 5 video series: LEARN TO ICE SKATE: 11 videos STICKHANDLING GUIDE: SHOOTING APP: DEFENSE 101: JOIN ME ONLINE Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a video Get hockey training aids at HockeyShot: More Hockey Training:

How to Best Size Hockey Skates Video guide on how to best size hockey skates

NHL Equipment Fails

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How to Select Hockey Stick Lie

Ice Warehouse describes and breaks down hockey stick lie so you can find the right lie for you! Shop Hockey Sticks at:

Learn how to find your hockey skate size and fit type at home!
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