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Develop The Perfect Throwing Motion: Baseball Throwing Tips

FREE Velocity Hacks Here - Subscribe to the channel here - In today's video, you'll discover how to develop the perfect throwing motion! Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training breaks down each phase of the throwing motion. If you've been searching for how to throw a baseball harder and more accurately, then this is your answer! Apply these baseball throwing tips and you'll be well on your way to success on the field. Facebook: Instagram:

Greatest Trick Plays in Baseball History

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Baseball Velocity Pitching Series: Sequencing | Video 1 (Pro Speed Baseball)

Click For FREE Video: Baseball Pitching Series: Sequencing | Video 2 (Pro Speed Baseball) In this video we're going to show you how to easily get in sync on the mound by knowing how and when to separate the hands. The most common problem is when the pitcher separates the hands too late in the pitching motion and then has to play catch up with the arm. This compensation leads to over-strain on the arm and can easily lead to injury. First we're going to show you how to properly separate the hands. The first move is to go to a palm down position with both hands. The glove hand will then initiate towards the catcher in a fingers down position. The ball hand will initiate with the "karate chop" part of the hand going towards second base. To sequence the proper separation of the hands with the lower body we are going to visualize a string attached to our glove and lead knee. This is done from the top of the leg lift position. Then as our knee works down and then out, the glove hand will follow as the ball hand will simultaneously go backwards. We will then give you a progressive set of drills that will ingrain the perfect separation mechanics. As you slowly move to full speed you will have developed the proper sequencing which allows us to get maximum velocity and maximum control over our pitches. I look forward to helping you improve your baseball in the future! Pro Speed Baseball, Michael Derr Click Here to Subscribe: "PSB Power Pitching Series Sequencing"

CRUSH MORE HOME RUNS With These 3 Hitting Tips

Free Bat Speed Boosters Workout - Subscribe to the channel here - In today’s video, Coach Justin from Ultimate Baseball Training shares a few actionable baseball hitting tips that you can take with you to the field to help you hit more home runs. Soon you’ll be crushing the ball harder and further than ever before. The first tip is to be loose and relaxed. Loose muscles are fast muscles, resulting in more bat speed which will lead to more home runs. When we tense up at the plate and try to crush the ball by squeezing the sawdust out of the bat, our bat speed is actually slower. Have a loose grip, relaxed shoulders, and a relaxed jaw. Make sure you have a little movement and you’re not standing completely still. The next tip is to develop an aggressive mentality instead of a passive one. A hitter’s mentality is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important aspects to becoming a better hitter. An aggressive mentality of trying to hammer the baseball will put your body into a more powerful position. The last tip is to achieve quality separation. Allow your body to naturally walk away from your hands. Avoid artificially pushing your hands back when you load. Remember, we want to be like a rubber band stretched to it’s fullest potential ready to explode on the baseball. Follow these tips to crush more home runs and become a more powerful and productive hitter. Facebook: Instagram:

Baseball IQ Right Here

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Click For FREE Video: Baseball Beginner Training | How to Throw (Pro Speed Baseball)

In this video we are going over the proper progression on how to teach a beginner how to throw a baseball. We will go over the most common mistakes most young aspiring baseball players make and the one position that takes care every mistake.

We will first get in the proper throwing position and learn how to throw using both arms efficiently. The first phase will be with no step where the player throws from a still position. The second phase we will then add a small step towards the target. And when the player has mastered the first two steps, the final step is a shuffle towards the target and then throw.

If done in progression, making sure each progression is mastered, the player will have built a solid throwing foundation to build from.

I look forward to helping you improve your baseball in the future!

Pro Speed Baseball,
Michael Derr

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"Baseball Beginner How to Throw"

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