Virtual machine free download guide, What is a Vitualbox?

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Boot from a USB drive using VirtualBox (new method with full rd/wr access)

This video shows you how to boot from a USB drive using VirtualBox with full read/write access to the USB drive. It automatically creates the .vmdk file for the USB drive and dismounts the drive to give VBox full rd/wr access so the drive is not snapshotted. This method is much better than using Plop (which uses a read-only USB 2.0 driver and so any writes to the USB drive don't actually work). If you boot VBOX to DOS, grub4dos, grub, syslinux, Win98, etc. from a USB drive you will find that writes to the USB drive do not work unless you use DavidB's VMUB utility. This shows you how to use DavidB's Virtual Machine USB Boot Utility with VirtualBox. Using this combination, you can boot from any USB drive (including Easy2Boot USB drives). USB 3.0 drives will boot nice and fast too! Tutorial DavidB's Boot Utility v1.6 (latest version - link at top of page) Forum: Blog You can also UEFI-boot too. Make a VM with a 64-bit OS set and tick the BIOS EFI Advanced checkbox. For 32-bit UEFI-booting, pick a 32-bit OS for the VM type. Make sure Graphics VGA memory is larger than 64MB. Tip: Do NOT configure the VM - Settings - USB as the boot drive or it will not boot! IMPORTANT: Make sure to run both VMUB and VBox as Administrator.

How to Create a Portable Virtual Windows 7

The idea of portable windows 7 is that it don't need any installation, they don't add anything to your registry. What is portable Windows? Portable-VirtualBox

Install Ubuntu Linux in Virtual Box On Windows 10

Virtualbox VMM : Ubuntu 32-bit ISO: In this video, the viewer is walked through the set up of a virtual machine to run linux on a Windows computer. At the end, a hello world program is written and run at the command line through a terminal window in Ubuntu run under a virtual machine on a windows computer. NOTE: This video may be out of date. I've received several comments about problems viewers have had with the video. I will be looking into it at some point and posting an updated version. Until then, this video is left as reference.

Install Windows XP (and play retrogames) with VirtualBox - tutorial

Showing how to install Windows XP in modern operating system (Vista, Win7, ... or *nix based). Thanks to Virtual Box we will emulate a guest operating system, then configure the display settings and shared folder through Guest Additions. Finally showing how to run a game (Doom Plutonia Experiment in our case). Available in the following link the instruction to enable 3D acceleration on Windows XP and run games that need 3D acceleration. Full tutorial and links to download resources:

Comparing Free Virtual Machine Software-- Haktip 014

Checking out an alternative to Virtual Box called VM Ware Player.

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