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The Bricksters - Winter at RIT

What's it like living at RIT during the winter? Find out in this week's video!

What does the future hold for RIT graduates?

Where are RIT students heading after graduation? Apple, Microsoft, graduate school, General Dynamics, DuPont and Time—just to name a few. Congratulations and best of luck our newest alums! For more news from RIT commencement weekend, go to http://www.rit.edu/news/commencement.php.

Rochester Institute of Technology - 5 Things to Avoid

http://www.gobeyondthebrochure.com/5-Things-to-Avoid-at-the-Rochester-Institute-of-Technology/ - RIT has a great campus. It’s expansive, boasts different wildlife, and great scenery. Here are five things to avoid to make your college career at RIT even better! Humans vs. Zombies is played twice a year at RIT. We have some of the largest games across the nation because so much of our student population participates. Students who are zombies chase others, and those who aren’t shoot the zombies with Nerf guns. Every morning after,there is literally a graveyard of old Nerf bullets that squish and crunch under your shoes as you walk to class. Inevitably, on your walk, a player will bump into you, run in front of you or just generally make your walk unpleasant. I can’t count how many times I was accidentally hit with a foam bullet. Just don’t leave your house if you don’t plan to play.There’s about 3-4 bus cycles every hour.

99 Things to do at RIT

Here's the full list, http://www.rit.edu/news/magazine_story.php?id=48728 RIT: The University Magazine created a list of 99 things to do at RIT before you graduate. Here are some extra things that today's students suggest. What's on your bucket list?

RIT Housing Overview

WHEC-TV (Channel 10) explores efforts at Rochester Institute of Technology to lower the annual tuition increase it charges students in the wake of President Obama's call for colleges and universities to address the growing costs associated with higher education.

News release: http://www.rit.edu/news/story.php?id=48857

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