Winter Olympics 2018| Men's Figure Skating championship Olympics 2018| watch Highlights

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Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦 Юдзуру Ханю | Olympics 2018 Figure skating #Pyeongchang Promo Video

Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦 Юдзуру Ханю | Olympics 2018 Figure skating #PyeongChang This is a promo video for Yuzuru Hanyu. I hope you can feel the storyline behind the video :) I was inspired by Yuzuru and created this piece of music specially for this video. His skating is a magical combination of sport and art, power of an athlete and energy of a rock star. Yuzuru made me a fan of figure skating, and the biggest fan of him. As he said, “you climb over one wall only to find another”, let’s wish him a successful climb to the gold in Olympics 2018! If you enjoyed the video, pls hit the Like button:) To ensure that you never miss a new song/video, please subscribe to the channel Follow me on Instagram: @mikshk If you wish to use this music/video, all I ask is that you leave a link to the channel and credit to Mikshk. Thank you!


Winning performance of the Funakoshi Trophy at the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase, Burbank, California. Taryn Jurgensen skating to "Hallelujah" by Alexandra Burke, choreographed by Karen Kwan-Oppegard.

Winter Olympic 2018 | 15-Year-Old Alina Zagitova Proves She Can Chase Olympic Gold By Celebrity Time

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Olympics Figure Skating Live Results Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen Coming Up

South Korea — The 2018 Olympic men’s figure skating event has a deep and talented field. It starts with Yuzuru Hanyu, the defending champion who can make a quadruple jump look easy. Stay here for live updates and analysis from Pyeongchang: Ukranian Hits the Ice; Vincent Zhou Still Leads The first significant fall came from Yaroslav Paniot of Ukraine who hit the ice on an opening quad toe loop. Perhaps rattled, he went down two more times on easier moves. Paniot chose “Romeo and Juliet” for his music. That also did not end well. Michael Martinez Skates to an Olympian’s Tune A little odd Olympic trivia. Michael Martinez of the Philippines is skating to a work by the violinist Vanessa Mae, who is herself a former Winter Olympian. Four years ago she competed in the giant slalom for Thailand, finishing last. It later came out that some of her warmup races were rigged to allow her to qualify. Men’s Favorites Are Coming Up The big-name skaters are almost all going toward the end of the 30-man field. One name you might recognize in the early going is Denis Ten of Kazakhstan, who won the bronze medal four years ago. Ten has struggled since then, in part because of injuries. Ten skated to “Tu Se” by the Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo. His plan was to do a quad salchow, but he turned it into a double. He stands in third place. Vincent Zhou Takes Early Lead The first American to take the ice is Vincent Zhou, 17. Skiing to “Chasing Cars,” by Snow Patrol, he nails his quad Lutz-triple toe but stumbles on the landing of a quad flip. His score of 84.53 puts him in the lead of the first three skaters. That quad Lutz by Zhou was the first ever landed in Winter Olympics history. In making history, he benefitted from going early We should get several more quad Lutzes during the competition. Continue reading the main story Yuzuru Hanyu, Minus Winnie the Pooh One absence from the Olympic competition will be Yuzuru Hanyu’s trademark Winnie the Pooh doll that serves as a tissue box and a totem of good luck. The Disney (and A.A. Milne) character would be a violation of Olympic branding and sponsorship rules.

[HD] Oksana Baiul - 1994 Lillehammer Olympic - Exhibition - The Swan

Oksana Baiul / Оксана Баюл / オクサナ・バイウル The Swan (Le cygne) / Лебедь / 白鳥 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games Figure Skating Gala Exhibition. зимние Олимпийские игры в Лиллехаммере. Фигурное катание. Гала-концерт. リレハンメル オリンピック フィギュアスケート エキシビション [HD] 1994 Lillehammer Olympics - Playlists Pair Free Skating: Ice Dance: Men Free Skating: Ladies Technical Program: Ladies Free Skating: Exhibition: Twitter: この動画をニコニコ動画などへ転載しないでください。「ひろいもの」といった言葉を添えて転載することは、極めて効果的に私のやる気を削ぎます。私のやる気がなくなると、動画の新規アップロードがストップします。しばらくして仮にやる気が復活したとしても、転載を防止するための警告文字などが動画上に増えて鬱陶しい事態になります。 ブログやTwitter, facebookなどでこの動画を紹介していただくことは歓迎します。断りなく自由にどうぞ。

Winter Olympics 2018

Figure Skating – Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics – Team Event Men's Single Skating Free Skating competition final –

Rank 1st- Patrick CHAN (CANADA)
Rank 2nd- Mikhail KOLYADA ( RUSSIA)
Rank 3rd- Adam RIPPON (USA)

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