Backyard Baseball 2001 Gameplay

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Baseball Star (by playus soft) Android Gameplay [HD]

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Backyard Baseball 2003 Gameplay

All illegal download requests and/or links will be removed on the spot, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero tolerance for such comments. My main account: A gameplay video for Backyard Baseball 2003. Just like with Soccer 2004, this one has all the voices changed. Personally, I don't find this game quite as enjoyable as the previous two games in the series. For one, the voices aren't as fun to listen to, and Vinnie sounds way too much like a puppet played by Sunny Day (At first I thought Lani Minella was to blame, until she told me that it was actually the clients at the studio who made her do it. Really, clients?). I also ran into several glitches I never remember running into in the original. One of them is seen in this video - sometimes, when a runner crosses home plate, they won't get counted until the next play. If you strike out into the next inning while this is happening, you won't get the point. There's also several other graphical bugs that I don't remember running into in the predecessors. They also didn't make many improvements to the season mode, other than bringing back the rewards. I do like how they finally made Big City Stadium and Super Colossal Dome unlockable though. All in all though, if I had a choice between this and the '97 version, I'd just take the '97 version. Another thing, it will be a while before I can trailer this and annotate it. So for now, a few things I'm explaining: You get Mr. Clanky after finishing the game. I decided to take the Super Colossal Dome, because, after all, this IS the last 2D Backyard Baseball, and the only one to let you pick it. Plus, few have seen it before so it's kinda nice. You will not believe how many failed recordings I had simply because of the computer's obsession with the pros. I have no idea why it decided to suddenly change its mind for this particular game and go for Backyard Kids.

Backyard Hockey 2005 Gameplay

Well, I guess I had to upload something at some point or another, right? This is Backyard Hockey 2005, one of the very last Backyard games ever made (no, nothing from 2007 onward counts, don't let anyone tell you otherwise). I've had this game in my posession for...I think about two years now? I've had it beaten for a good while too, so I guess it was as good a time as any to upload a video of it. I could have probably recorded this video at a higher resolution but this game honestly doesn't have enough detail to warrant doing such, plus the intro doesn't play if you go higher than 640x480 (minor inconvenience, but eh). Plus the 2D graphics such as the text get all pixellated when you do such (there's no anti-aliasing in this game), so the default had to do. This is pretty much your standard pick-up game. I haven't unlocked everything in this game as you might have noticed, but I don't have that kind of patience. Once again, I tried to go mostly only Backyard Kids as is my tradition in these videos, often limiting myself to only one pro which I did here. Oh yeah, and I totally picked Team Humongous because why would I not do that? If that weren't an option, I'd probably have gone with the Melonheads instead. And...yeah, I'm gonna be honest, this game is ridiculously low in difficulty. I barely even had to try to make this game a complete blowout. The biggest issue is that doing a one-timer is pretty much a game breaker. Almost 80% of the time, you can score by going down either side of the rink, then passing the puck to the guy in the middle and shooting. The goalie misses it quite often when you do that. Once you figure out that simple game-breaking technique, this game is almost a complete pushover. Heck, the AI even had pretty good players and I still killed them. You can even tell a bit later in this video that I pretty much gave up and started goofing off and barely playing well, particularly to run the clock down so as to not drag this video out too long. When you have a ten-point lead, why even bother? In fact, the whole game is just kind of meh. It's really a shame that the easy difficulty really brings this game down enough, there was a lot of clear effort that went into this game. There's a heavy amount of unlockables, the graphics for their time were pretty lively and cartoony in true Backyard fashion, and the new music is seriously quite kick-butt. I especially LOVE the main menu music in this game. I wish I could love this game but unfortunately too many small problems just bring it down. Oh, and as for the "Goal" and "Penalty" graphics glitching out and going seizure-inducing, that's actually an in-game bug. That's not some incompatibility or computer weirdness, it does this on every computer I've played this game on, even my old Windows XP desktop. Just wanted to clarify that before anyone asked. Oh, and one last note I want to make. This is the very last Humongous game ever to use the classic cursor that originally debuted in Freddi Fish 1, all the way back in 1994. Since this game was actually released in 2004 (the game was named a year ahead of its actual release date), this means the cursor had a near ten-year run before finally being retired. Hard to imagine that whoever originally drew it wasn't expecting it to become such a staple of these games for almost all of the company's life. Granted, it was showing up much less often around this time; from 2003 to 2005, the only games it appeared in were the two Yaga Junior Adventures and this one. Still, to think it stuck with the company for this long is really something else. Definitely one of the icons of the company to me and I was happy to see it make one final appearance. Well, enjoy.

Little League® World Series Baseball 2009 (Nintendo Wii) - Tounament Mode - Game 1 - Part 1

Crazep0per [Stalin] and I have decided to work on a new friendly project where he and eight people who he's been good friends with are all part of a baseball team from Southern California. (Please note that the eight other players' last names--and possibly their appearances--have been changed for the sake of keeping their identities hidden.) Stalin and his eight friends will play three preliminary rounds of a regional tournament, and then--if they're good enough--two tournament rounds before they can qualify for the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Backyard Baseball: Part 1 - Flash Jackson Jr. vs Pablo Sanchez

Let me know what you think of this new series! Please leave a Like & Subscribe Playlist Link - Flash Jackson Jr. returns to Backyard Baseball to help assemble a team to take down the bullies! First up, we want Pablo Sanchez on our side. Follow me for all upcoming videos ✮ Twitter - ✮ Facebook - ✮ My Main Channel! - MrHurriicaneLP | Backyard Baseball / Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers Gameplay My Channel - Get $5 off GFUEL from Gamma Labs w/ Coupon Code "CANE" Gamma Labs Website -

All illegal download requests and/or links will be removed on the spot, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero tolerance for such comments.
My main account:
A single game of Backyard Baseball 2001. I went for the home team this time, so that meant no bottom of the sixth, thus making this a little shorter than my gameplay for the original game.
I used to like the original Backyard Baseball more, but now that I play this again, I take that back. I still dislike the pros, but this game improved in way more areas besides just acquiring the MLB license (whether that's an improvement or not is up to you). First off, Season Play is WAY more tolerable in this game than it is in the original. Season Play in the original had you playing on the exact same field for the entire 14-game season, with the same generic kids on every team. Here, you now have home fields for every team, and there are Backyard Kids for some of the positions. It's a lot nicer that way and makes it less repetitive. Another minor thing they improved on was fouling - in the original, as long as a foul didn't go behind the player, we had to waste time going to the field view and wait for it to bounce, even if it was obvious no one was catching it. Here, it almost never goes into the field view for fouls, and that's a lot nicer. We can also choose a custom player in this game, and teams are now two-color instead of one. Overall, this game is a lot more enjoyable than the original, and it ended up being a lot better than I remembered. I was pleasantly surprised when I played this game again after so many years, and if you ever see a comment of mine that says the original was better, know that I now take that back.

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