Danielle LIndahl Volleyball LIbero Skills Video

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Best Libero Volleyball Trainings 2018 (HD)

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Amanda Karan Volleyball Skills Video (Libero, 2014)

Amanda Karan volleyball skills video, 2014 Libero from Top Select Volleyball Academy 17-1 Nike Elite, Jersey #2. Visit http://www.ncsasports.org/pr.htm?clientID=873000 to see my complete recruiting profile.

The Best Libero In The World - ARISA SATO

ARISA SATO - Japan Women's National Volleyball Team Nationality: Japan Current Club: Hitachi Rivale Birth Date: 18/07/1989 Birth Place: Miyagi, Japan Height: 164 cm Weight: 52 kg Spike: 275 cm Block: 266 cm Hobbies: Listening to music, Shopping Favorite Book: Fashion Magazines Favorite Athlete: Nine System Volleyball / ISHIKAWA Ko(Ricoh industry Tohoku)

Training an 8th Grade Libero

Working on 3 moves

Libero - Volleyball Defence Specialist

Are you a volleyball fan? visit: www.volleyball-store.com Libero - Volleyball Defence Specialist In this movie you see great actions from the best libero's of this generation. You see libero's as (offcourse) Jenia Grebennikov, female libero's Malova and Arisa Sato but also Pawel Zatorski, Gijs Jorna, Alexander Verbov and many more excellent libero's. You see beautifull digs, dives, saves and many more beautifull actions you don's want to miss. Rules for the libero All the big teams have one player that is a defence specialist, the libero. He is mostly change with a middle blocker in the back field but other positions are also aloud. If you never seen volleyball before you should know that their are some special rules for the Libero. The libero may not attack in the front of the field and he may never spike a ball above the net. As second is the this player not alloud to give an overhand set inside the front of the field. The Libero is also not aloud to serve in the volleyball game. Follow and like us also on Social Media Follow us and visit our website: http://www.volleyball-tube.com https://www.facebook.com/VolleyballTube/ https://twitter.com/Volleytube https://instagram.com/volleytube/

Danielle LIndahl is a Senior at South High School in Torrance, CA. Danielle plays club volleyball for Mizuno Long Beach 18-Runbird.

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