Top 10 Best Volleyball Equipment Spike - Top Reviews

Author channel Laurens Wuyts   5 мес. назад

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Nikola Zivanovic Volleyball Setter Training 2017

Contact: Check my new actions for Czech league 2017/18 season

How to a volleyball net making

This net is square shape in scice

Amazing Vanishing Volleyball Trainer

An overacted demonstration of my home made volleyball hitting practice machine installed in my garage using the garage door opener to retract the device when not in use.

AcuSpike Volleyball Spike Training Machine - Portability

AcuSpike is a volleyball spike training machine which allows release of the ball, as well as automatic reloading of the next ball. This video shows the front casters being unlocked, rolling the machine to another location, and locking it down again for stability. For full details please see

Your call #4 — Volleyball net touch rules

VOLLEYBALL NET TOUCH RULES Do you still remember how to judge net touches outside the antennas? If "yes" then judge this call from the FIVB World League group stage between USA and RUSSIA. If you don´t remember how to judge this call, then either wait for the answer later this week or look at rules 11.3 in the FIVB 2017-2020 edition of the volleyball rules.

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