How is this speedrun possible? Super Mario Bros. World Record Explained

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The Impossible Level

After forever, I'm finally back with a new video! Don't believe the hype from other makers telling you how they created a level that's impossible to beat! Here, I show how I managed to upload a level that's literally impossible to clear from the checkpoint using simple logic - no glitches and no hacks. It was a very fun problem to work on, and I'm sure others will find even more interesting ways to use it. As for me, I just liked the puzzle aspect of solving this challenge. You can find the level here: First, a big thank you to warspyking, Cloondog, King Spork, and xaldatin for helping to test the level to make sure there was no cheese. If there is cheese, I'll gladly take the blame. I'll then give it to them. :) And a huge thank you to ClefferNotes for the music. Definitely go check out and support them - you can find ClefferNotes' channel here: Music: Super Mario Bros 3 - Water Land Orchestra Remix Super Mario Bros 3 - Grass Land Orchestra Remix Super Mario 64: Wing Cap Theme Orchestra Finally, you can find the two "Don't Look Back" levels featured in the video (by creator StevenXC) here: You can find me on twitch at

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UPDATE: This run was beaten on May 25th, 2018 by somewes with a 4:56.245:

Watch the unedited run here:
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Kosmic (4:56.462 WR)
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- Warpless WR:
- Glitchless WR:
- Minus World Ending WR:

At 0:47, I refer to the console Kosmic is using as the Nintendo Famicom Disk System. He wasn't actually playing on the Disk System, just the Famicom. The Famicom is essentially the Japanese equivalent of the NES, and the Disk System is an add-on to it that reads special floppy disks.

At 4:06, I mention that Kosmic holds the Glitchless WR with a 5:06.709. However, there is a video by Scott Kesler of a 5:05. This is because of timing differences. Glitchless is how Twin Galaxies (a deprecated high score website) view Super Mario Bros. speedruns, and its timing rules are different. They time from the start press on the title screen, which, because of framerules, adds a variation of up to 21 frames to the time of the run based on which frame you pressed start on. This timing difference adds about 2.5 seconds, so Scott Kesler's 5:05 was actually a high 5:07 by TG rules, and Kosmic's 5:06.709 is a low 5:04 with regular timing.

At 13:15, I say that when the white pixel is missing, the judges are in a bad mood. For the sake of simplicity, I omitted that it's actually a 50/50 of good/bad judges if you don't get the pixel. However, this is frame dependent and not entirely random, and Kosmic rarely gets good judges with the bad pixel, so I took that shortcut.

At 26:35, I claim that the theoretical human limit is 4:55.496. The actual time is 4:55.49668, and it should have been rounded up to 4:55.497.

There is another framerule that was not included because while it is considered too hard for humans to ever get in a run. You can save it by doing a frame perfect fast acceleration at the start of 8-1 (after several seconds of black screen, with inhuman reaction time) to save 2 frames, and then doing a TAS flagpole glitch to save 19 frames instead of 15. TAS flagpole glitch never slows down to set it up and is based around doing a left-right wiggle at some point during the level and praying that it set your position up perfectly. The best consistency at this trick is just about 1%, compared to 40% for regular FPG. On March 4th (2 days after the release of this video), StuckInAPlate managed to save the 8-1 framerule from a savestate immediately before gaining control, which eliminates the need to time your frame perfect inputs after a very long wait.

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Other speedrunners featured in this video:

darbian (4:56.528)
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somewes (4:56.894)
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StuckInAPlate (4:56.978)
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EddieCatGaming (4:57.543, tied 8-4 IL WR)
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andrewg (4:57.693)
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HappyLee (Author of the human theory TAS)
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