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YARING PLATERO Video 80 - Updated video of Cuban Link Making (Description below)

CUBAN LINK BRACELET 18k gold, 150 Grams, 8.5 inches 14mm Width, 4.5mm thickness. Php 392,437 / USD $7,694 subject to change base on present gold value. Present pawnshop appraise value: Php 254,000 / USD $4,873. Click SHOW MORE below for YP's contact details and services.. The Principled Bench Jeweler Most Jewelers today have the same technology in jewelry making. They practice the easy process of manufacturing like autocad designing, wax molding and casting. Mass produced jewelries also misrepresents as handmade by the jewelry sellers. We all know that the Real Handcrafted Jewelry has a big difference from the mass produced jewelries. Number 1 is the authenticity of craftsmanship, number 2 is the durability that a handcrafted jewelry can be inherit by the next generation of your family and number 3 is the reasonable and competitive price when we order it directly to the Bench Jeweler. But on the other hand, not all Bench Jewelers who makes jewelry by handcrafting are with the same skills. They have their own trade secrets and different styles in making jewelry, so you have to explore and choose your right jeweler. YARING PLATERO is not comparing or competing from the other jewelers. All I can say is "Maraming Salamat po!" Thank you for the local and foreign clients who are patronizing YP's workmanship. YARING PLATERO is a small Family Skilled Bench Jeweler who maintains workmanship standards and accepts "one at a time client" for his Jewelry Made to Order and Repair. YP is also a trainer who conducts one on one training for Gold jewelry handcrafting and diamond setting. YP is a small bench jeweler, not a big jewellery company. (see profile below) JEWELER's Email and contact numbers: Landlines: 02-8061427 or 02-9616342 Mobile: 0917-2431665 or 0907-5615108 YARING PLATERO SERVICES *Accepts Jewelry Made to Order such as: 1. Engagement rings 2. Wedding rings 3. Earrings and pendants 4. Bracelets and Necklaces 5. Personalized jewelries * BUSINESS ETHICS 1. Don't ask YP if he is a legit seller. YP is the Bench Jeweler who makes jewelries. Not a middleman. 2. YP's jewelry prices is competitive but not competing for the cheapest price. 3. Serious clients inquires base on their budget. They settle their orders without many questions. 4. Low ballers inquires everything, but they suddenly disappear. 5. No obligations after we met and estimate. A faithful conversation is a Good Deal with YP. 6. Order your jewelry as you need it. Not because you are convinced. James 5:12 (ESV) 7. YP is a Bench Jeweler with no gold and no jewelry samples to show you. But if you need a jewelry it is YP's job to make a high-end jewelry for already 25 years. 8. YP is not a buyer or a consultant for any gold or jewelries from the treasure hunters. Don't waste time to inquire. * Accepts jewelry repair while you wait, such as: 1. Ring resizing 2. Gemstone/Diamond setting or resetting 3. Broken chain soldering 4. Initial engraving 5. Polishing and gold plating for yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. * BUSINESS ETHICS Show your broken jewelry first before we estimate for the repair cost. No obligations. ABOUT YARING PLATERO JEWELRY TRAINING The real training for Goldsmithing is to make a real gold jewelry from beginning to finishing. Not a training of theory and discussions, not a module by module demonstrations and not by practicing with an ordinary metals. JEWELER'S PROFILE: YARING PLATERO starts to be known as Bench Jeweler with an authentic craftsmanship, since he was interviewed for having write ups centerfold in JOBFinder Magazine published Feb.16,2001. Also an Exhibit Award Winner for Highest Sales Award in SM Megatrade SM Megamall, sponsored by Metro Manila Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Department of Trade and Industry last Nov 2005. Interviewed in ABS-CBN Mga Kwentong Disyerto hosted by TJ Manotoc and Bernadette Sembrano last Jan. 2006. Guested in UNTV37 Good Morning kuya Hosted by Kuya Daniel Razon last Nov.15,2010. Interviewed in ABS-CBN Kabuhayang Swak na Swak Hosted by Christine Bersola Babao and Bobby Yan last Nov.21,2010 and his Engagement Ring Sponsorship for Mutya ng Masa segment by Doris Bigornia last Feb.14, 2014. Also a former OFW as Bench Jeweler in Gold Souk DUBAI, U.A.E.

Chain you've been waiting for...

Love these chains. I think you guys will enjoy this video because they're a beauty! Check the details on my website: Thanks for watching! @jacojefinejewelry

Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler shows us how to Spot Fake Gold & the Difference in 10K, 14K & 24K Gold

Miami Jeweler Franky Diamonds gives us more insight about the Jewelry Industry Part 2. He Teaches us how to spot a Fake Gold Chain this time & schools us on the difference between 10k, 14K and 24k Gold Purity. @FrankyDiamonds on Instagram. Call or Text: 850-583-6707

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Just got some new chains in and I'm excited to showcase them. I really like the finish and look on these diamond cut box chains. They're solid which gives them nice weight. I'm not a huge fan of hollow chains because of the lack of weight. Got to feel that gold around your neck! @jacojefinejewelry

Who doesn't like the look of a nice solid heavy duty gold chain?! I wanted to show you guys the Anchor chain design. Literally designed like an anchor chain lol. This is the type of chain that you will never have to worry about durability. Hope you guys enjoyed!


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