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Tail Smash is the Best Smash

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Mario Party Top 100 has finally released on the 3DS (even though it should have been on Switch) and since the multiplayer modes aren't too exciting, I thought I would go through Minigame Island on my own and document the journey. ~Music Used~ Shine Get (Outro): ~Subscribe~ ~Follow~ Check me out on Vidme! A new site like YouTube that fixes a lot of their known problems! ~Social Media~ Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: Facebook: Steam: ~Shirts~

Brawl is Broken

Yeah, it is. I want to first off say this isn't meant to be a negative video. I aimed this to be informational about people that don't know much about Brawl (like myself prior). I had a lot of fun doing this project and appreciate both the scene and unique mechanics of this game. It appeals to a different audience than Melee, which is good. Please don't argue what Smash game is better. Each one is technically broken, honestly. Thanks for watching. I probably put in the most man hours into this video than any other one I have done before (research took a really long time). However, if there is anything I have missed in this video or should've added, let me know. Also, I hope you guys are fine with non-melee content. This was like a breath of fresh air creative-wise. I definitely want to branch out more (Smash Ultimate). If there is any room for improvement, let me know. With that, thanks for 54k subs and 2 MILLION VIEWS on Melee is Broken. Insane. Let's keep on going. if anyone plays n64 smash, i'd appreciate some broken facts about it tweeted at me Twitch: Twitter: Lil helpers - Sauces - Esam: VGBootcamp: Rhetoric: Music -


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3D World Was Not Meant For Four Players

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Decided to try out Mario Tennis Aces online doubles with StylesX2, Hackoru, and Jome.
This started out fun, but it quickly turned into a story about Jome's rise to glory. Does he reach it? Who knows!


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