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Floyd Mayweather Strength Workout & Boxing | Athletes Training

Floyd Mayweather Strength Workout & Boxing | Athletes Training

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Vasyl Lomachenko - A LOOK BACK (2018)

Mayweather Vs. Lomachenko.. One of the most widely discussed fantasy matchups of all time. Here, just for fun, we take a closer look at two of boxings very best. 🔥Follow @MOTIVEDIAHD - Instagram & Twitter 🔥 Let’s Hit 250K Subs, Click Here 👉🏼 Looking back at a 130-pound prime 'Pretty Boy' version of Mayweather, matched up against the rising star of today in Ukraine Vasyl Lomachenko. We take a look at 'WHAT IF' had the two fighters had clashed in the same era, who would you have picked in a matchup of two of the recent greats? Either way, enjoy the video! Songs: Tommee Profitt - Benevolence Mixomix - Dark Beat Chuki Beats - XXL Beat Ender Guney - Ship Narration: Jim Foster Credits to: Seconds Out: Fight Hype:

Is Vasiliy Lomachenko THE BEST EVER?! | Boxing Highlights | BOXCASTER

3-Division World Champion. 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist. P4P Number 1. In just 12 career fights, Vasiliy Lomachenko has gone from a feared amateur pugilist to the best fighter on the planet, and with comparisons to such all-time greats as Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Robinson, is it time to start asking if Loma is the best ever? Support Boxcaster Boxing: For more great content, and everything on the sweet science of boxing, be sure to: Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - Subscribe to us here on YouTube!

Vasyl Lomachenko's "Super Human" Training | The Glitch in The Matrix Explained

Vasyl Lomachenko is almost supernatural in how good he is. The way he addresses each moment in the arena is nothing like I've ever seen before? What makes him so special? Well... To answer this, lets look at a bit of his training. Script:Vasyl Lomachenko is a glitch in the matrix. He's so calm and articulate, yet so fast, and unique in his genius ability to transition from stance to stance, combination to combination like he's giving us a master class on a musical instrument, painting a symphony in the moment from scratch... It's obvious. The mans mind operates on another level, and through his reign, he will evolve boxing. So what does vasyl do differently? In this video I'm going to highlight 2 very unique exercises out of the many he does, and explain why I believe they have helped his mind operate so much faster than everyone elses in the game. First. He stacks blocks on top of eachother as fast as possible. Why? Is he a manchild desperately trying to relive a component of his childhood? No, he's training his brain to process and pricesly react with his hands as fast as possible. What is boxing? A moving problem, as combat is. It's not just a battle of the body, but a battle of the mind, and the warriors who see that, like vasyl, have a huge competitive advantage. He is actively, and training his mind to consciously see and precise react to a problem before him, then translating that heightened processing ability to his boxing. ith itself to assess and address a problem, improving the speed his eyes reflexively spot and understand a target, and training his hands to be precise all the while he does so. He rotates between exercise 1 and 2, stacking blocks then looking for numbers. and these two exercises appear to comprise one routine. If you combine this with a spartan level training regiment, it's nowonder he is worlds a part from the competition... This is actually so counter intuitive. Most people, they don't really think about their mind when they fight as they beleive, what's the point, they are going to be taking shots to it anyway, when in reality, any game, including the fight game is 90 percent the mind. Fight analyst Robin black, and psychology professeur david klonsky both agree with this notion aswell, fedor emelianko reigned with a dad bod and an icecold gaze believing the fight game was all mental, and now conor mcgregor believes the mind is widley responsible for a mans success in the arena. Disregarding the mental aspect is basically disregarding 90 percent of the game... and so, that being said, Vasyl clearly understands this, and through these two exercises demonstrates a willingness to be different and grow mentally. Floyd mayweather was initially laughed at for his unique pad work, and now it's become a common thing in boxing, movement training, Conor holds two belts, and people still call it touch butt and luck... They will laugh at you, but in all facets of life regardless of fighting, one philosophy will forever hold supreme, the ones who can understand and early adpot will be the ones who win. Floyds unique padwork proved that in the past up until now, Vasyl will prove it to today and the future. It's not magic. It's what charles darwin coined our greatest strength. Our ability to adapt, those who learn and adapt faster simply win. You are not just a warrior, as a human, you are on top of the food chain because you are a brillaint adaptive creature. Learn, adapt, grow, and when you're ontop of your arena, remember to scream subscribe mindsamsh from the top of your lungs. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Please don't forget to like and subscrinbe if you did, it's good karma. Until next time, peace. tags: vasyl lomachenko, manny pacquaio, floyd mayweather, conor mcgregor, boxing, hbo boxing, highlights, top 10, top, greatest hits, greatest, looked invincible, pewdiepie, prince naseem hamed, trash talk, interview, education, knowledge, science, motivation, inspiration, training, movement training, mitt work, pad work, heavy bag, punching bag, joe rogan, fedor emelianenko, tyron woodley, anderson silva, stephen thompson, jorge masvidal, nate diaz, nick diaz, jose aldo, mike tyson, mohammed ali, bruce lee, muhammad ali, khabib nurmagomedov, tony furgeson

Unboxed: Vasyl Lomachenko - Episode 1

On Episode 1 of Unboxed, we take you behind the scenes with Super Featherweight Champion, Vasyl Lomachenko and give you a detailed look into his unorthodox and intense training style, as he prepares for his upcoming bout against Guillermo Rigondeaux on December 9th at Madison Square Garden. A BOXRAW Original Series. Music By: Carrollhood (IG: @Carrollhood) Video By: Dan Newman (IG: @DanNewmanDP) Agency: SocietyCC In Participation with FUJIFILM USA (IG: @FujifilmX_US) All video captured on FUJIFILM X-T2. Shot on Fujifilm

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